Colony: Eleven.Thirteen
March 12, 2017 2:24 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Will's an FBI agent with some strange feelings about his partner. Katie's a bar owner with a strange encounter with a recently-repatriated customer. Alan works in education and has a strange meeting with textbook reps. Broussard gets a strange phone call about where and when he's supposed to be somewhere.

Every arc'd story like this needs an origin episode and here's where things start getting really interesting. We know a lot more about the Wall, our heroes, their family and how things went down on the day of the Arrival.

Definitely one of the stronger episodes of this show, and depicts the stresses placed on ordinary people in extraordinary situations.
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There were so many good elements in the first season except the central conceit of the competent ex-cop(?) essentially going on a suicide mission to find his older son, leaving his wife and ill child kinda in the lurch, potentially. Actually now that I begin to think about it there were many plot points all over the place, quisling pseudo-government hunting revolutionaries, but what were they rebelling against? Have not looked at this episode yet, it'll be interesting if the threads get pulled together in a reasonable way.
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I'm watching this as it airs, so I'll want to be a little brief to avoid spoilers.

I do remember this being a really strong pilot episode. I'm also still pretty hooked on S2, and do recommend it to anybody who enjoyed S1. I feel like they're still doing a pretty good job with the whole deal, and I'm even hopeful that the show might resolve in a remotely satisfactory way.
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..not pilot, premiere.


Pardon, brain fried, long weekend.
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Getting a lot of light shed on the Raps/Hosts was of significant interest to me. Given the level of coordination it takes to get all this stuff together, it makes me wonder just how long and how complicit world governments were in the whole thing.
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I like Alan's backstory, and the idea that Alan is not unique in being pulled out of obscurity to help with overthrowing the world's governments. It's​ like a delightful revenge of the middle managers. Also a twist on what we usually get out of Hollywood, wherein the conspiracy is run by the ludicrously hyperqualified and the best of the best. The best of the best just got wiped out by the nobodies.
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I've been watching it as it airs, and the second season is solid (just finishing s02e08).

Agreed! selenized, I didn't expect much from the Alan character last season but the twist backstory presented here and the continued character development in S2 has been a pleasant surprise.

I really liked the pre-invasion pastiche in this episode opener, and the actual invasion was pretty cool. Didn't buy the "joins" between the prefab walls, though.

Will going rogue on the rest of his family (and his job, and hence round about to his family again) to try to find one of his children... I guess character development and conflict generating for tv show reasons.

I kinda want to give the show props - telling a story about the extreme widening of the wealth divide cloaked in a metaphor of the 'ruling class' and 'the ruled.' Throw in a little randomness vs. wining the lottery of having been born of the 'right' parents (and here, being 'lucky' to be 'chosen' by the aliens).
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I'm loving this show so far. The pacing keeps you coming back for more, with almost no filler. One of those very tightly scripted shows where even some minute early detail comes back into play later in a very cohesive way. Like early seasons of The Shield or even iZombie.

The Red Hand is certainly a very fast moving plot point. I was definitely not prepared for that one scene in episode 7. I can't wait to see how this season wraps up.
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