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May 25

Archer: Auflösung  Season 8, Episode 8

Archer visits Dreamland and receives a big break that leads him to Woodhouse's killer. [Season finale] [Warning: depiction of violence to robo-dogs] [more inside]
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Into the Badlands: Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire  Season 2, Episode 10

Sunny faces the toughest challenge of his life. Bajie's loyalties are tested. [more inside]
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The 100: Praimfaya  Season 4, Episode 13

It's a race against the end of the world as Praimfaya arrives forcing our heroes to make impossible decisions to ensure their survival. [more inside]
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The 100: The Chosen  Season 4, Episode 12

Jaha and Kane disagree over how to handle their grim reality. Meanwhile, Clarke leads a group to save a friend. [more inside]
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Star Trek: Voyager: Basics, Part I  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 26

(Season Finale) Captain's log, stardate 49858.5—and I mean a literal log, I'm talking into a log right now. Stranded on a wilderness planet again *sigh*…second time this month. No sign of friendly monkeys, though. Well, at least my whole crew is with me this time. …Oh right, except for the doctor—and, um, one of his nurses. Hm. Well, maybe we won't end up needing any medical treatment. Wildman's baby looks pretty tough, what with the forehead spikes and all. Anyway, they're starting to stare at me, so I'd better wrap this up. Our first order of business: we're gonna need tubs. Lots of tubs. [more inside]
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May 24

Arrow: Lian Yu  Season 5, Episode 23

The battle between Oliver and Adrian Chase culminates in a final epic battle on Lian Yu. Oliver recruits a group of unlikely allies, Slade, Nyssa, Merlyn, and Digger Harkness, to defeat Chase. However, Chase has his own army that includes Black Siren, Evelyn Sharp, and Talia al Ghul. (season finale) [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: LASERBLAST  Season 7, Episode 6

"Billy was a kid who got pushed around... Then he found the power" When a picked-on kid suddenly realizes he's not hopeless but finds "the power," what happens? Gamergate! Why he takes his new laser gun and, goes out on an explodey rampage, whoo! AN THEN THE CLAYMATION ALIENS ATTACKED..... We have arrived at the end of another age, the short Fifth Age of the show, that brief period Post-Frank yet Pre-SciFi. In a host segment, we have the joke... you know, that one. The one where they try to get beyond something. Also, Mike becomes Captain Janeway. Then, finally, the SOL reaches the end of the universe.... YouTube (1h32m) - Annotated - Promo (with Penn Jilette voiceover & promo for TV Wheel!) - Movie trailer [more inside]
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Twin Peaks: The Return, Parts 3 & 4  First Watch   Season 3, Episode 2

Call for help. Bring back some memories. (Description from Showtime.)
posted by Ruki at 12:47 PM - 45 comments

The Flash: Finish Line  Season 3, Episode 23

With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in an epic conclusion to season three. [more inside]
posted by FallowKing at 10:37 AM - 9 comments

Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT  Season 11, Episode 7

"The Adventure You Will Never Forget!" A cramped German U-Boat (which nonethless houses a spacious captain's cabin and dining table!) in WWI sinks a passenger ship but the survivors make it aboard and take it over, then not. But the crewmen and survivors form a truce for survival when they find a mysterious land where live primitive men, dinosaurs, and volcanoes. An okay episode overall, but it does have the "Moon 14 Mesozoic Ranch Dinosaur BBQ" sketch, and one where Crow frets about turning into a human. Episode 1107 can be viewed on Netflix. Unriffed, the movie is on YouTube. [more inside]
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The Handmaid's Tale: The Other Side  Season 1, Episode 7

The story going into flashback and out of Gilead to check in on a familiar face [more inside]
posted by Karmakaze at 8:23 AM - 28 comments

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stupid Watergate  Season 4, Episode 13

It's a very special episode of Last Week Tonight that, for once, actually focuses on the previous week's events, as the Trump Administration continues to be mired in scandal. John Oliver takes a stab at answering these questions:
  • What The Fuck Is Going On?
  • How Big A Deal Is This?
  • Where Do We Go From Here? and
  • Is This Real Life?
YouTube (24m) In addition to answering those questions, there is And Now: Yet Another Look At Whatever The Fuck Is Happening On WCBS 2 News At 11, and a severely abbreviated Main Story concerning the TSA. (More on that last part....) [more inside]
posted by JHarris at 12:22 AM - 9 comments

May 23

The Americans: The World Council of Churches  Season 5, Episode 12

Pastor Tim tells Paige about his career plans, Elizabeth and Philip tell Claudia and Pastor Tim about their retirement plans, Sofia tells Beeman and Aderholt about her matrimonial plans, Oleg talks relationships with his investigators, sentencing with his boss, camp life with his mother, and shop with his father, Mischa has dinner with his uncle, Elizabeth and Evgheniya clip coupons, Paige tries to change up her accessories, Pascha comes home from school with a new look, Tuan comes up with a new plan, and Henry makes dinner. [more inside]
posted by orange swan at 10:20 PM - 23 comments

12 Monkeys: The Witness  Season 3 (Full Season)

Everyone is looking for The Witness. Some want to kill him, some want to serve him, some want to save him. Also Titan has developed splinter suits. All 10 episodes of Season 3 were presented over 3 nights on SyFy. [more inside]
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 6:59 PM - 5 comments

Better Call Saul: Expenses  Season 3, Episode 7

Jimmy tries to settle his debts. Nacho reunites with an old acquaintance. Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a meaningful connection.
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The Bachelorette: Week 1  Season 23, Episode 1

You really just need one word to describe the most diverse cast in Bachelor/Bachelorette history: "Whaaabooom!" [more inside]
posted by kevinbelt at 12:19 PM - 18 comments

The Leftovers: Certified  Season 3, Episode 6

Laurie Garvey, a former therapist, must become one again as she heads to Australia to help Nora and Kevin along their paths.
posted by LizBoBiz at 8:00 AM - 6 comments

Lucifer: Sympathy for the Goddess  Season 2, Episode 17

The man who had the final piece of the Flaming Sword is murdered and the piece goes missing, so Mom teams with Chloe and Lucifer to track down the killer. When Lucifer gets sidelined, Maze recruits him to help save Dr. Linda's endangered career and confronts him about the secrets he's keeping. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Nevertheless, She Persisted  Season 2, Episode 22

Supergirl challenges Rhea to battle to save National City. Meanwhile, Superman returns and Cat Grant offers Supergirl some sage advice. (season finale) [more inside]
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May 22

Elementary: Hurt Me, Hurt You  Season 5, Episode 24

Holmes and Watson pursue an elusive criminal as a gang war erupts in New York City. While the NYPD works to contain the violence, the two investigate the murder that appears to have ignited the city-wide conflict. [more inside]
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