Supernatural: The Rising Son
October 20, 2017 2:12 PM - Season 13, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean discover what Jack is capable of with his powers.

I've been wondering why Jack looks so familiar, I just looked it up. He was Lonnie Machin, aka Anarky, from Arrow! Except without facial hair and a much less shittier attitude.

Some tough talking-to in this episode, culminating in Dean's "if you have to be killed, I'll be the one to do it". But it seems like they've started down the road of keep Jack on the side of good by appealing to his friendships. Which is actually in line with why Cas repeatedly defended the Winchesters against both demons and angels.

Poor Mary, stuck between a bunch of dicks and an asshole. (I gotta say though, I'm fully enjoying Mark Pellegrino in this season so far)
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If you enjoy Mark Pellegrino, avoid his Twitter feed.
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dammit, he's another one of those isn't he?
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Yes, unfortunately. I was blissfully unaware until someone ELSE I follow started posting screencaps from SN and putting speech bubbles coming out of Lucifer's mouth with Mark's actual tweets.
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Ugh. :(

Thanks for the heads up, xyzzy. I always hate finding that out, but better to know than not.
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Joy. Another day, another asshole.

In other news, if I were the Winchesters I'd be doing my best to get on Jack's good side, raise him right, and teach him not to join up with evil. He's got the potential to not pick it, after all.
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That'd be the smart play, but I suppose it isn't a very Dean thing to do. Like, he was willing to give Amara the benefit of the doubt and that panned out, but Sam was wrong about the British Men of Letters, and Dean's just lost Castiel, his mom, Crowley, etc. It seems in-character for him to mess this up at this juncture.

It really is a shame though - you're right that Jack could be both a great guy and stronger than Lucifer, given half a chance.
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It's impossible for Sam & Dean to avoid screwing this up, though, right? Look what happened with their brother, Adam. Eventually Dean or Sam will sacrifice or screw Jack over in some way in order to protect each other, regardless of what's best for Jack, the world, Castiel-who-is-totally-not-dead-forever, etc.

These episodes have felt slow, partly because there's no Castiel, Crowley, or Rowena to take time away from Sam and Dean. I wasn't a huge fan of Mommy's return in the first place, so the Lucifer/Mary show doesn't do much for me.
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I thought Dean was giving Amara a chance because he was bonded to her? But his personality has always been "kill the non-human unless they save my life over and over again", as was the case with Cas, Meg (later), Crowley (because they bonded over Crowley... becoming human...) and Benny. Amara, though, was a whole different level. So far Jack is getting a second chance only from Sam's insistence (and Jack chasing off Asmodeus), but Dean has always been that wary.
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Donatello Redfield: No soul, of course, thanks to Amara. It's kind of like losing your appendix; you never really noticed it when you had it. But now, when I come to a moral crossroad, I ask myself, "What would Mister Rogers do?" And as soon as I nail that, I'm usually good.


Though he was mentioned in season 12, this episode marks the first appearance of the fourth prince of Hell, Asmodeus.

Drexel says Lucifer will return and "make Hell great again", a reference to Donald Trump's infamous "Make America Great Again" slogan.

The Panheads Roadhouse neon sign on the wall of the tattoo parlor previously appeared in season 10. In the opening scene of "Paper Moon" (ep. 10.4), it is next to the door on the outside of the biker bar.

When Jack is shown watching TV, he is watching Scooby-Doo cartoon, foreshadowing "Scoobynatural" (ep. 13.16).

In a previous episode, Castiel burned Sam's warding tattoo off, but Sam shows it to the tattoo artist in this episode, when getting Jack the same one.
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The "is Jack evil or no" conflict between Sam and Dean seems so contrived to me. Jack clearly does not have an evil nature. The danger with him is his not knowing how to control his powers and his being so naïve and uninformed that he's easy prey for anyone who wants to manipulate him for no good end.

If you enjoy Mark Pellegrino, avoid his Twitter feed.

Yes. I must admit Pellegrino is very, very good at playing Lucifer, but I suspect his remarkable success in playing a terrifyingly abusive sociopath is due in no small part to the fact that he's a horrible person in real life.
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