The Adventure Zone: Commitment - Episode 2
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Our heroes are empowered by a somewhat gross and dangerous scientific process, and are dispatched on their first mission. Remy tries to keep the peace. Nadiya picks her favorite movie. Kardala breaks free.
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Clint "Daddy" McElroy is on some next level shit with that ending, whew.

I think Kardala was the missing piece to make this come to life because she ruled school in this ep.
posted by Tevin at 1:15 PM on November 2, 2017 [1 favorite]

It felt to me like Clint had a different solution in mind for the Pearly Gates puzzle but he realized that the boys were going to take too long figuring it out so he just accepted whatever they came up with that sounded halfway plausible. Friends, I have been that GM. Lord, have I ever been that GM.

Kardala was great fun, but I hope that we see Irene the living prison again.

Clint’s style feels a lot less improvisational than Griffin’s, but he’s making it work. As much as I thought Clint grew and improved over the Balance arc, I was still worried about how he’d handle being at the helm, but he seems to have taken to it well.
posted by Parasite Unseen at 9:52 PM on November 2, 2017 [4 favorites]

During the setup episode they specified that Justin's character was designed so that the DM can and MUST switch between Kardala and Irene whenever it would be funniest/least convenient for the players, so that's going to be pretty cool.
posted by fomhar at 12:00 AM on November 3, 2017 [1 favorite]

My headcannon: the theme park is voiced by Troy McClure.
posted by meese at 8:39 AM on November 3, 2017 [1 favorite]

Well fuck, Justin's only gone and done it again and made The Best Character.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 8:54 AM on November 3, 2017 [4 favorites]

I'm so afraid that having numerous shorter arcs is going to overtax Justin's awesome character creation ability.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 9:01 AM on November 3, 2017 [1 favorite]

Actually kind of bummed that this is a short arc; I'm really getting into these characters, and warming up to Clint as narrator. Griffin seems much more comfortable in the passenger seat now, and is having a great time unpacking Remy. I enjoyed hearing Travis wrestle with the difficulty of being a regular smart guy trying to portray a supergenius in an improv setting.(Travis silently to self..."what else embodies science?") "...bunsen burners..." And Justin was ON FIRE. Had to stop listening while driving because I was laughing too hard for road safety.
posted by Nancy_LockIsLit_Palmer at 10:25 AM on November 4, 2017 [2 favorites]

I’m using “Look how the demon begs!” anytime someone asks me for something.

Also, is Kardala/Irene a physical change (like Hulk/Banner) or just a mental change?
posted by Rock Steady at 5:42 AM on November 5, 2017

I'm imagining something like the Donald Blake/Thor transformation. I especially like the idea that Kardala and Irene are physically identical and it's purely a costume/personality change that does the task
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 8:12 AM on November 5, 2017

I thiiiink that in the character creation episode, Justin said that Kardala was physically different from Irene, but I'd have to go back and check.
posted by showbiz_liz at 9:09 AM on November 5, 2017

Is it still the case that if the trio get separated by 100 yards or so, all powers disappear? If so, I imagine Irene would want to leave the other two at the first opportunity.
posted by rollick at 10:16 AM on November 5, 2017

Being someone who listens with a 7 year old, I'm noticing that they seem to be easing up on the language a bit; I appreciate not having to have A Parenting Talk every episode. Might be Clint's leadership. Kiddo's walking around all akimbo demanding stromboli and calling various weapons Bibles (his Biblical knowledge roughly tracks with Kardala's), all of which is Very Good.
posted by tchemgrrl at 8:42 AM on November 6, 2017 [3 favorites]

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