Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy
November 3, 2017 7:52 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Rebecca's friends unite to try and help her through a tough time.
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This shit was dark. It was "good" but holy cow I was not in the mood for it.

Hoping Greg can make a cameo in a future episode?
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Oof. Oooof. Life doesn’t make narrative sense indeed.

Highlights amidst the dark:
* “I Give Good Parent” carnival music
* Hector and Heather Scooby time
* Hamilton’s Rory O’Malley as Jarl
* All the opening and ending credits, especially “Costume Design by whoever does it for Rihanna because omg”
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Yes, Rory O’Malley! Shame they couldn’t find a song for him.
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OMG JOSH GROBAN and also he had the best song
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Dark, dark, dark. Greg's dad... whew.

I loved the credits and the Swimchan title sequence.

I'm not convinced all those people would still have rallied to go look for Rebecca under the circumstances.

Josh Groban cameo: awesome.
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I would say I liked this episode, but I kept pausing it every few minutes to cringe. So much cringe. The episode was so dark even without all the horror movie tropeyness. That opening scene where she attacks her friends individually...yeesh. I agree with GrammarMoses, she really went for the throat but all they tried to find and help her anyway. I'm sure there will be fallout from that in later episodes at least.

The Greg callback was...interesting. I can make a case for it meaning that Greg is not forgotten and he will definitely be back but also can see it as a way of giving some closure to the character (he's happy/he's moved on, etc). Maybe they're just leaving it open since they're not sure if the actor will have availability.

Yay, Naomi next episode!! <3 She is so so horrible but she's one of my favorites :)
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Greg: In a way I hope he doesn't come back. Like Dr. Akopian, I'd like to see Rebecca deal with her life without a man involved.

In this episode I think the butt-dial serves as a tease to remind us

1) life really *isn't* like a movie (for a minute I was like, "yay, Greg saves the day!" and then I saw how they were playing with that tired trope)


2) how unhealthy the Grebecca relationship was, just like all her other ones.

Speaking of which, next week with Naomi is gonna be exhilaratingly ugly.
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Ooooh, I thought Jarl looked familiar. (Brag: I saw Hamilton on Rory's second night, he was delightful)
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I wouldn't count on Greg coming back unless I hear about it in the media. Besides, he's happy now. Good for him. Hopefully he's not going for someone else crazy.

This was dark, indeed. Nice horror movie you got there.

The Josh Groban song was awesome.

It is about time for Rebecca to go home, isn't it?
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Yeah, I'm not seeing how Rebecca's friends can really value her friendship. What has she actually done for them that wasn't self-serving in some way? They're all in an abusive relationship right now.
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Rebecca made a ghillie suit really fast. Good for her.
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Between this show and Last Man On Earth, I did not know that "ghillie suit" was A Thing in life.
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Oh man. Watching now. I know Rebecca was lashing out because she feels trapped and scared, but OUCH. And I would miss Gabrielle Ruiz a lot, like I do Santino Fontana, but Valencia needs to just walk off and go build herself the nice life she deserves. Paula, Heather, and Darryl, they're invested in the friendship they have with Rebecca. To a degree they each initiated it. But Valencia was coerced into her friendship with Rebecca. And lots of bad juju is all around every aspect of that friendship. She should flee.

Nathaniel's feelings for Rebecca seem to be opening the gate to other feelings for other people. He was being oddly kind and weirdly almost affectionate about George and Penny. He's gonna be a real boy!

Josh, on the other hand. I mean he is angry at Rebecca and it's earned, she freaked him out good, but doesn't he have shit to answer for too? I'm gonna be bothered if he doesn't at least apologize for ditching her.

Uh. Sleeping with Marco is perhaps not the best idea. And I'm not sure calling Naomi is either, PAULA, omg no. Nooooo.

I am always delighted to see Josh Groban in all the things. He's so much fun!
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I was thinking I might stop watching this series, but this episode drew me back in. Watching Rebecca burn down all her friendships in a single five-minute burst was some good TV.
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Finally watching this season on Netflix, and this is among the series' top episodes for sure. Not just because of Josh Groban but not not because of JOOOOSH GROOOOOBAAAAANNN!) but because of Jarl and Heather/Hector and that absolutely vicious, almost-impossible-to-watch self-destruction rampage that started it off. Holy shit.
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Like what if Heather/Hector didn't become a thing, but Hector's awesome mom became friends with Heather's incredibly kind and good-natured parents and then the parents became a throuple? Basically I just want happiness for all the kind, chill older adults.
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