Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Chocolate Milk   First Watch 
October 5, 2014 6:30 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Capt. Holt comes face-to-face with an old department nemesis (guest star Kyra Sedgwick). Peralta and Jeffords try to solve a chocolate-milk restaurant stabbing, while Jeffords wrestles with an important life decision (and also Peralta). Boyle has some trouble finding a willing date to his ex-wife's engagement party.
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Sorry, what does First Watch mean in this case? Is this post for people who haven't seen season 1 and don't want to know anything about it because they will be watching it at a later point and don't want to be spoiled?
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I was slightly groggy when I posted it last night, and realized only afterwards that no tag was necessary, since this is a first-run episode. Sorry for the confusion! Mods, can we zap the First Watch?

But while I'm here, I'd just like to say that I'm really not at all crazy about how B99 already seems to be backpedaling on Boyle/Diaz -- once again setting up a situation in which Boyle browbeats Diaz into going out with him. Granted, it was set up as purely platonic and it tied in to the "friend-friends" throughline for the episode, but it still felt weird. I don't think getting those two together is the producers' ultimate intention here, but it felt like a plotline that would have worked better sometime towards the end of last season, not early this season.
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Terry can teach us all how best to feed children. Or those with tiny heads.
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A Terry episode! It's like Christmas in October!
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I will set fires if they bring back the charles-creepin-on-rosa storyline.
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I hope we see a lot more of the Deputy Chief.
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My concern is: what happened to the two puppies that Captain Holt gave to Boyle? Are they also in the basement? They have not been mentioned since that episode and I worry about them.
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Also, what did they put Terry on for his vasectomy? I didn't get drugs anywhere near that good for mine.
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The recurrence of the Boyle/Diaz thing bugged me for a bit. It doesn't so much anymore, but I can't tell if that's because I am rationalizing what they're doing, or if I'm reading it correctly.

The Boyle/Diaz thread suuuuucked (save for an object lesson in [not] being a creepy Nice Guy) but I think the whole point of the subplot in this episode was to show that Diaz is no longer concerned with Boyle trying to get with her and is willing to give him a blank slate as a friend-friend and being his date to a wedding is basically setting a high water mark that she believes he deserves. It sets the tone of their relationship for the season in a way that I don't think would have worked if they had done it at the end of the last season.

Initially, he respects her declining to go with him in a way he wouldn't have in the previous season (i.e. without equivocation) and I think that's why she ends up doing him the favor. Boyle has demonstrated both that he's not particularly concerned with who goes with him (and therefore isn't using this as a backdoor to a "real" date) and that he respects Rosa and their friendship enough not to push the request.

Anyway if Boyle/Diaz turns into a thing I will put my fucking fist through the TV.
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Crap I just re-watched chunks of the episode and he does bug her repeatedly. Dammit.
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