The Punisher: Resupply
November 18, 2017 6:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Madani and Sam plan a delicate operation. Curtis tries to connect with Lewis, and Frank encourages Micro to get his hands dirty.

*Lewis digs a foxhole in his backyard. Curtis comes by to check on him and encourage him to come back to group, but Lewis says it was a mistake for him to leave the military and he plans to join Anvil. He makes a good impression on Billy at the recruitment testing, but Curtis warns him of his instability. Billy offers to find Lewis non-combat work, but cuts him loose after his angry reaction to the rejection.

*Frank ambushes (Marvel Netflix MVP) Turk to steal guns, but Lieberman's hacked NYPD info was wrong and there's nothing to steal. He knocks Turk out and goes back to Lieberman's hideout and tells him to find his guns.

*At Homeland Security, Sam tells Dinah about a report of Greeks with guns. They are interrupted by the arrival of 'Rafi' Hernandez, who tells Dinah that the Office of Special Investigations is taking over the Wolf investigation, since his corruption casts suspicion on the entire department, and that she should focus on other investigations if she wants to become the official Special Agent In Charge someday rather than Acting SAIC.

*Frank gets a call from Sarah, whose car insurance needs a signed statement from Frank before they will process the claim. He goes to the house to sign, while Lieberman watches the spy-cams, and also helps daughter Leo fix the garbage disposal, then offers to fix the car's headlight himself.

*Lieberman hacks into Homeland Security and finds their plans for the Greek gun buy & bust. Frank says they need a ride, and they find a garage where some guys have torture-murdered one guy and are about to start on the next, and Frank kills everyone but the impending-torture-victim, and steals a truck and a sports car. Lieberman is unsettled by the carnage, and tries to bow out of the gun heist, but Frank won't let him off the hook.

*Dinah runs the gun buy & bust op from a taco truck. Lieberman hacks their audio feed, blasting "Feel the Love" into everyone's coms, and then loops the video feed of the Homeland Security follow car. Meanwhile, Frank jumps onto the roof of the gun truck and throws the driver out. When the follow car finds the stopped truck and opens the back, Frank is there with a flamethrower, giving the agents a choice of getting roasted or jumping in the river, and into the river they go. Lieberman takes over the truck driving and Frank follows in the sports car.

*Dinah spots the loop in the video feed and leaves the taco truck to give chase herself. Frank cuts her off from the truck, then she loops around and they start to play chicken, but Lieberman t-bones and flips her car. Frank pulls her from the wreckage and carries her to safety. She recognizes Frank and asks if he killed Wolf, and he says he did it because Wolf was dirty, and tells her to stay out of his way.
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Beware of Greeks bearing guns.
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The organizations in this episode, Homeland Security and Anvil, need an HR department and management lessons desperately.
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If this show can do for "I Feel Love" what The Sopranos did for "Don't Stop Believin'," then all will be forgiven re: Iron Fist.
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This is surprisingly good so far (though my expectations were low). I'm a little disappointed that we're still dealing with the death of Frank's family, feels like the longest origin story ever and a bit of padding.

But the characters are interesting and I like that Frank isn't being portrayed as some hero. He's seriously fucked up, mentally and emotionally and it's good that they're not skating over that fact. He followed orders and did what most of us would consider bad shit and I'll continue watching for now.
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