The Punisher: Front Toward Enemy
November 18, 2017 4:42 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Following a deadly explosion, Karen lands in a bomber's crosshairs--and Frank isn't happy about it. Meanwhile, Curtis makes a grisly discovery.

*From bed, Dinah talks to her mom about the disastrous bust, while Frank spies on her with Lieberman from a nearby rooftop, then multiple explosions go off in the streets below.
*The news shows video of one of the explosions going off at an ATF office during a birthday celebration, with no fatalities, though the bombs at two other law enforcement offices did kill people.
*Lewis writes his manifesto and addresses it to Karen, saying he believes she will be on his side, but threatening to consider her and the paper his enemies if they don't print it. Karen tells Ellison she wants them to run it with a rebuttal, and he agrees to allow it if the FBI okays it.
*Frank watches the news with Lieberman and talks about how he hates cowardly bombers.
*Hernandez comes to Dinah's to ask about the false tactical plan, and says that if the bust was related the Kandahar investigation again he can't protect her. She has no more fucks to give.
*Karen's rebuttal to the manifesto is published, then she goes on a talk-radio show with pro-gun-control Senator Ori. Lewis calls in, angry at Karen, and Frank listens (also angry at Karen, for drawing the bomber's attention to her). When Lewis says "sic semper tyrannis", Frank recognizes the phrase and his voice from the time he listened to Curtis' meeting, and demands that Lieberman track "Lewis who drives a cab" down.
*Curtis recognized him on the radio too, and leaves him a voicemail about it after not finding him at home. He goes to O'Connor's to check up on him and finds his corpse and Lewis' bomb-making supplies. Curtis and Lewis grapple over Lewis' gun, and eventually Lewis yanks off Curtis prosthetic leg and beats him unconscious with it.
*Frank stakes out the address of Lewis' father's house that Lieberman located, and calls Karen (who is only now being interviewed by the FBI? or is this a followup after the radio show?) and tells her to stay put until he deals with the bomber.
*Billy goes to Dinah and tries to encourage her to go back to work and not blame herself for Sam's death.
*Lieberman calls Frank with O'Connor's address as the latest location of Lewis' cell phone, and says that Curtis called it 30 minutes earlier and is at the address too.
*Senator Ori hires Billy to provide him with an Anvil security team.
*At O'Connor's, Frank finds Curtis has been rigged with mines. As he tries to figure out how to free him, Lewis, watching from a rooftop, calls him on Curtis' cell.
*Dinah tells her mom she's decided to go to Sam's memorial and tell everyone the truth about the bust fiasco, despite it possibly ending her career.
*Frank can't figure out whether the bomb is rigged on a closed or open circuit. Curtis wants Frank to leave him to die, that he's just as miserable and lost as the other vets in his group and thinks maybe it would have been better if he'd died when his leg got blown off. Lewis calls again to say that he's called the cops already, and Frank tells the story of how it was his fault that Curtis lost his leg, since he was supposed to hold the perimeter but hesitated when the suicide bomber approached, because she was pregnant and it made him think of his wife. Lewis gives Frank his spiel, but Frank doesn't buy it, and finally Lewis tells Frank to cut the white wire and flees. Frank cuts it and Curtis does not explode, then Frank runs away and is spotted by the cops, but when cornered by a squad car knocks one cop out with a rock to the head and the other with the squad car door, and makes his getaway.
*Dinah gets a drink at a bar before Sam's memorial and is approached by Lieberman who introduces himself as Micro. He tells her about Kandahar, that Ahmad was killed because he found out about the drug smuggling operation, that Rawlins was in charge, and that Frank was a witness. Then the news breaks that Frank is alive, as his image was captured by the squad car dash cam when he jumped over the hood. (Ellison is super mad at Karen.)
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Well, you can't have a gun control talk without some straw manning, but whatever. I'm just sorry they didn't have the radio interview on Trish Talk, seems like a missed crossover opportunity. Will Turk be the only cameo from the greater MCU-Netflixverse?

I did like how nobody is buying Lewis' manifesto/rationalizations (kinda wanted to go back and transcribe some of that last Frank & Lewis conversation, but I'm trying to keep plowing onward so I can finish the binge tonight.)
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I kind of hoped someone who hangs out with daredevil would at least have a more nuanced understanding of the second amendment, but hey, when the punisher is the big hero you can only expect so much.

I'm still a huge fan of Castle's enormous support for Curtis. Castle knows he's the bad guy, which kind of makes him the good guy, where Lewis knows he's the good guy, which makes him really the bad guy. Comic books!
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So now that his face is all over the news I guess "Pete" can't really drop by to see Sarah and the kids again.
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