The Punisher: Danger Close
November 18, 2017 8:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

As danger knocks on Sarah's door, Frank takes his quest for vengeance to the next level with some help from an unexpected ally.

*At a trashcan fire by the waterfront, Frank has flashbacks of Billy in Kandahar and NY. On the morning news, Billy is interviewed about Castle, causing Dinah to throw a mug at her tv. Frank staggers his way back to the hideout where Lieberman is watching it too.
*Frank tries to patch himself up alone, relents and lets Lieberman stitch him up, but storms off after the two argue about Lieberman going to Dinah alone and Frank going after Lewis and revealing himself to the NYPD.
*Sarah and the kids see 'Pete' on the news. Leo doesn't want to believe he's really bad, Sarah says they should just keep their heads down, and Zach is pissed.
*Dinah interviews Billy at Homeland Security. She tries to get him to confess about killing Sam, tells him she knows all about Kandahar and Rawlins. Billy doesn't give anything up, but is clearly rattled when she says can just wait for Frank to take him out if need be.
*Rawlins tells Marion that Frank is a problem for him and therefore her, asks for permission to access the CIA's surveillance apparatus in New York so that his civilian asset can eliminate Frank.
*Dinah shows Hernandez the recording of her Billy interview. He's thinks she's let emotion get in her way, but will see what he can do with it.
*At the Lieberman house, Zach lets a 'policeman' in who says there was a call to the Frank Castle tipline from someone there. Sarah and Zach are taken, while Leo hides upstairs.
*Frank gears up to leave the hideout and start wreaking carnage somewhere, Lieberman tries to convince him not to go, for his family's sake, and they notice the kidnapping on the spy cam footage, and that Leo escaped out the second floor window. Frank calls her, tells her to meet him at the park, but then tells Lieberman that he has to go get her, because Frank is going to wait at the hideout for Billy, Rawlins, and/or whoever else is coming for him.
*Rawlins and Billy have Sarah and Zach tied to chairs somewhere. Rawlins tells Billy to go kill Frank, but he says he'll only go if Rawlins will (which he will not).
*Marion arrives at Homeland Security at Hernandez' invitation. He and Dinah tell him about Kandahar and Rawlins. She says it's out of their jurisdiction if it's true at all, but they point out that it's connected to the murders of the Homeland Security agents at the decoy bust, which is in their purview.
*At the hideout, Frank gears up for the fight.
*At the park, Lieberman and Leo are reunited.
*Back at the hideout, Billy's men arrive and the fight ensues. Maximum carnage - neck breaking, neck stabbing, hanging, gunpowder-filled light bulb explosions, a beheaded head made into a bomb, hamstringing, and so forth. Frank tries (briefly) to get info on Billy's location from one of the wounded, but ultimately kills them all. He calls Billy on one of the dead men's phones, and Billy says he'll trade Sarah and Zach for Frank and Lieberman.
*Marion confronts Rawlins about his actions in Kandahar and the decoy bust murders. He says they can put all the blame on Billy if they can get Frank out of the picture. She agrees to his plan, but says he has to resign afterward regardless of whether it destroys her own career.
*Lieberman and Leo wait in car for Frank. Dinah shows up first, because Frank called her.
*Back at the hideout, Billy surveys the carnage, and finds the Ahmad murder video playing, and the countdown clock display still running, 18 hours 7 minutes and counting.
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"This will set back American foreign policy by ten years!"

Ah, remember the good old days, when America had a foreign policy?
posted by Grangousier at 1:30 PM on November 24, 2017 [4 favorites]

was anyone else half expecting Rawlins to throw Marion off that overpass?
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I would have been tempted myself. A well crafted sleazy scumbag, he.

I get the sense that the series is setting Frank up for some major (attempted) sacrifice towards the end. He'll most certainly live to see another season, though.
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I tried having a look at some Punisher background online. Ran into a mess of parallel timelines and stuff that was frankly just confusing. So, probably annoying those who are fans of the comic, I'm going to just regard the TV series as the only canon.
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Finally binging this show. I was actually glad that Marion turned out to be more upstanding than she first seemed. Sure, she could've trying to save her own legacy, but having dead American agents on US soil being a line she won't cross gave her a more legitimate integrity than I would've expected the show to give her.
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Finally, some punishing! This was a fantastic episode.
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