Shetland: Red Bones
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Elderly Shetlander Mima Wilson is found murdered on the archaeological site in the grounds of her croft. Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his team investigate and discover that the murder is linked to a long-simmering feud between island families, and they must apprehend the suspect before crowds descend on the Shetland Islands for Up Helly Aa, the biggest fire festival in Europe.

The new series of Shetland will be airing on BBC One in December. Over the next few weeks, I'm planning on making posts for each story arc for the previously-aired series. Series one had a single two-episode arc, series two had three two-episode arcs, and series three had a single six-episode arc.
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Looking forward to the new season! I really enjoy Shetland, but the funny thing is, even though I've watched the first couple series more than once, I still often forget whodunit. I guess I don't really watch Shetland for the mystery-solutions... I get caught up in the locations and the characters.

Building the climax around Up Helly Aa was a great idea. A very striking visual event, plus also the characters' stress from the flocks of tourists and the anonymous crowds--I think it did a good job of heightening suspense.
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I have watched every episode of this show but i will never get over the near total lack of Shetland accents in the show. Or the fact that this episode shows an archaeological dig in January. Filming there in winter was a perfect chance to us the short daylight hours in a noiry way but they just didn’t bother.
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I'm just now watching this, not knowing anything about it. I had to google the islands' location which I had kind of mixed up with the Hebrides. They're way northeast of Scotland, near to Norway. And then Fair Isle is more isolated still. So I am having bit of a Midsomer Murder issue with two murders per episode (so far) in such a sparsely populated, geographically confined area.

The most interesting aspect for me is the location. The characters are sympathetic, but the plotting is cursory. If I can see the gaping plot hole in the denouement of Raven Black then it must be obvious to every one. I'd say it's the Scottish equivalent of Death in Paradise where each person in a limited set of characters alternately comes under suspicion and is then cleared. My wish would be less focus on whodunnit and more on everyday island life.

Also I think the default should be Subtitles On.
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Love this show, trying to binge all of it before it disappears from Netflix on March 31.
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Just finished Season 3 on dvd and now I'm *really* into it. Loved the full season arc. The mystery was engrossing, and the location continues to fascinate. A bit dizzying with the constant hopping back and forth to Glasgow. Getting away from the "murder of the week" plot was a smart move.
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Watched the entire thing through November and December. Agreed that there was some silly plotting but I also agree that the setting and characters are really compelling. All in all I loved it.

Has anyone read the books? Are they any good?

Given that I don't know anything about the books, or how closely the show follows them, I'm sorry they're replacing Henshall for series 8. I don't begrudge him wanting to move on, and I might be proven wrong, but I think I'd rather keep my Henshall-formed memories of Jimmy intact and let Tosh take over as the central character. I love Tosh. And I'd be glad to see more Rhona in the next round, too.
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