Til Death Do Us Blart: Til Death Do Us Blart 2017
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American Thanksgiving is upon us yet again and while we reflect on the bounty that various cosmic powers have provided us with, we can also be grateful that Kevin James' comedy highlight, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 has been digitally captured for our endless, annual enjoyment.   Current hosts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy, Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery   Music: "Fly Away" by John Camerson
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I decided to tackle this for the first time today cause I had a lot of time to kill so I watched the movie then listened to all 3 episodes in a row.

A. They really need a format for this other than randomly reciting bits from the movie and then Travis interrupts. Especially when the random reciting of bits was stringing together an intricate point, I was like. Travis. My dude. Please.

B. I was very excited by Griffin's pitch last year to make this a roll playing game and very disappointed that they didn't actually do that. I guess he really had roll playing on the brain this time last year.

C. The thing about how well it synced up with Pink Floyd was very cool and that's really the type of shit they're all gonna have to bring to the table.

D. Very recommend actually watching the movie, I think this would be completely unbearable otherwise.
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E. I think overall it was a very pleasant way to spend the day with the McElroys. They have managed to pull out a lot of interesting stuff to say and I have a lot of faith in them that they will continue to do so. My favorite content producers are the kind who are always managing to keep going when I can't see where they're going and I really enjoy being pleasantly surprised with ambitious stuff like this.
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A week or so I remembered this podcast existed so I went back and listened to the back catalog. I couldn't possibly care less about the movie itself, because that's just the the medium for the truly interesting anthropological aspect of this podcast. The movie never changes. It's not going to get better or worse the more you watch it, but the people who saw it this year and the environment they watched it in are different than they were in 2016 or 2015. I really want to watch how these people continue to change as the years pass.

I agree they need to settle on a format. I like how they note what moments made them laugh. I also like Griffin's effort to bring something new to the table. I hope they find ways to continue shining new lights on the movie. I hope someday they get bold enough to watch the director's commentary, or really weird stuff like watch it backwards or in another language. Too many times already they talk about how they discussed it last year, skip that and just discuss what you feel is important now regardless of how.many times you discussed it previously.
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This is my favourite (only) Thanksgiving tradition!
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D. Very recommend actually watching the movie, I think this would be completely unbearable otherwise.

I never have and never will watch the movie I have listened to this podcast for three years now.
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I was of the same opinion but they talked about enough specific parts of scenes that I kind of want to see it to get what they're talking about.
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I tried to watch the movie after the first year and I couldn’t get through it. I like lots of horrible movies but this one: no.
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Yeah I had it on while I was working. No way I could have just sat there looking at it the whole time.
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I need to see the movie, because I really can't understand how a guy eating an old banana can, apparently, be so dang funny.
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I watched the movie this year to prepare... I wonder if none of the McElroys are fans of the show Superstore, because two minor actors in PB2 are major actors on Superstore.
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I think Travis jumps in so much as this podcast is his baby. There's an old live episode of Worst Idea of All Time where Travis and entourage come into the taping's audience and are noted, plus he talked them up on MBMBaM a long time ago.

That Guy and Tim had an old time McElroy Thanksgiving out of this though... that just might be the best thing of 2017.
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