Supergirl: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
November 28, 2017 5:37 AM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Well, this was the first episode of Supergirl I’ve watched this season, though I’ve skimmed a couple of recaps to find out how they were writing out Maggie, and nothing in this episode made me reconsider that decision. Everything still seems to be revolving around Mon-El, James was relegated to cannon fodder on Earth-X, barring any return to National City in part 3 or 4, etc.

I did like the way the various regulars were combined in this episode, and that they went full-on 4-way crossover rather than trying to keep any one show’s cast/arc prominent in their episode. And I loved the stunt casting of Greatest American Hero William Katt as the priest (up until he was vaporized, anyway, boo on that). But the masks and voice distortion effects were an annoying waste of time, and I wish they hadn’t chosen to do this whole Nazi storyline in the first place.
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That was William Katt? Wow! Though I'll bet, as is typical with this sort of show, there'll be no tears for the innocent priest who was vaporized right in front of them. I mean, that's got to be Barry and Iris' funny wedding story, right?
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Everything still seems to be revolving around Mon-El, James was relegated to cannon fodder

You might have just picked the wrong time to drop back in. I'm not going to try to convince anyone to watch anything they don't want to, but for the most part the season so far has been back on track. It's thankfully been a Mon-El-free zone, and while James hasn't been given much to do at least they haven't been flogging the Guardian plotline. I'm a couple episodes behind, and I think Mon-El has been figuring in more lately, which is sad.

Like you I had mostly given up on the show after last season. I decided to check out this season to see if they'd improved, and I've been pretty impressed. They've refocused on some core relationships and have had some fun, reasonably exciting stories and some really challenging emotional interactions. Also, Adrian Pasdar makes a great villain and foil for Lena, he's just fun to watch.

It could still nosedive, but this season has been way better than last from the eps I've watched.
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It seems highly unlikely to me that Kara and Mon-El will get back together. He has been away for seven years and has build a whole new life and is married. He also seems more mature to me, but we will see.
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And any storyline showing that Nazis are the bad guys is OK with me.
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And I love the Alex-Sara hookup. Sara IS a sassy assassin :-)
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I know Our Heroes have never been portrayed as particularly brilliant in terms of observation abilities but how dumb do you have to be to not realize the flying nazi woman who has the exact body size and shape and powers (and hair) as Supergirl is... Supergirl. Or Ubergirl I guess. And the guy with the red-fletched arrows who fights exactly like and has exactly the same body size and shape as the guy with the green-fletched arrows is... the green Arrow (except Red)?

Come on, people! Use your eyes!

Ubergirl made me feel funny inside.
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I just want to know why the first arrow Oliver's evil doppleganger shot into the scientist was fletched in green when the ones in his quiver were done in red. Diid somebody in the F/X department forget to change the colour swatch on the animation program?

Thanks for saving me the visit to IMDB to confirm that was William Katt. It's a shame they vaporized him. I think he'd make a fine addition to the DCCW. (And it's not like I can image he'll get a role on the upcoming reboot.)

I was never a fan of the Nazi earth in the comics, but for this crossover, I actually think it's a decent choice. Instead of bad CGI aliens with no personality, we should get the opportunity to watch the actors have some fun with their evil roles. Plus the fight scenes should be entertaining.

I still can't believe that Team Flash hasn't figured out that before you lock prisoners up in the pipeline that you must first check them for weapons--a step that would likely involve removing their masks. Come on, guys I know you're stupid, but you can't be that dumb. And Sara should definitely know better.
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Come on, guys I know you're stupid, but you can't be that dumb,

"Hold my beer" said the fastest man alive.
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Sara and Alex's drunken hookup was what everyone was hoping for. "How's your butt?"

"Best wedding ever!" -Mick Rory

Damn, Felicity.
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