Dark: Crossroads (Kreuzwege)
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Ulrich questions a frail and frightened Helge in the nursing home. Jonas searches for Mikkel, but the stranger warns him about meddling with the past.

*A young boy, in pre-1986 clothing, with a bloody face, awakes in the wallpaper room that Erik was held in -- then Helge wakes saying "I remember. I remember everything."

*1986 Egon Tiedemann looks at Ulrich in his prison cell, while 2019 Ulrich visits Mads' grave. 1986 hospital Mikkel looks at the art framed on the wall - it's the "Sic Mundus" text and symbol from the cavern door.
*2019: Ulrich talks to the coroner about whether there's any way the dead boy could have been killed more than 10 hours before they found the body and preserved, but she says there's no way it could be a 33-years-dead corpse.
*In 1986, Jonas walks to the school looking for Mikkel, sees young Regina sitting in the hallway and asks her the date - November 9th, 1986. He asks about Ines Kahnwald, and she says the nurse is probably at the hospital.
*2019: Eyepatch cop (Wöller) brings Charlotte the search warrant for the power plant, and she leads a team over, without informing Ulrich of the development.
*1986: Aleksander(?) brings Tiedemann the list of power plant workers to be questioned on their whereabouts during Mads' disappearance. Later, Tiedemann speaks to Helge at the plant entrance to schedule his interview, though he asks Helge why he took the state road instead of the forest road that night, and writes "Why not the forest road?" in his notebook. Later, he drives past Jonas walking through the rain, and gives him a ride to the hospital.
*2019: Ulrich calls Charlotte and tells her Helge was scheduled to be interviewed about Mads by Tiedemann but never was, there is nothing but the missed appointment and the "Why not the forest road?" note. Claudia follows a set of tire tracks off the main power plant road into the woods. The trail leads to the locked fence where 1986 Claudia saw the cave full of radioactive materials barrels, but in 2019 Claudia find the cave bare but for a few scraps of yellow plastic (paint from the barrels?). She finds a door which seems to be welded shut.
*2019: Ulrich tries to question Helge in the rest home, and Helge's heart monitor goes nuts. The hospital workers pull Ulrich away, as Helge says he needs help to change the past and the future.
*1986: Outside the hospital, Jonas sees Ines sitting with Mikkel, and then the hooded stranger appears:
Hoody: How little we understand of the world.
Jonas: Is this real? Or am I crazy, just like my father? Do you even exist? Or are you the hallucination of a lunatic?
Hoody: You’re not crazy, neither was your father. Sometimes it’s hard for us to grasp things that go against all we are conditioned to believe. How did people feel the first time they were told the Earth was round?
Jonas: Yes, it is. It’s totally insane.
Hoody: And if it’s not?
Jonas: How can that be? Is there a breach in time in the cave? So Mikkel hangs out here until he becomes my father?
Hoody: Even if you don’t want to believe it, that is your father.
Jonas: That means… that Ulrich is my grandfather and…
Hoody: Martha is your aunt.
Jonas: That’s bullshit. I’m taking him back and putting this right.
Hoody: Don’t you get it? If you take Mikkel back, you’ll be meddling in the course of events. Your father will never meet your mother, they won’t fall in love or get married. And you won’t be born! If you take him back now, you’ll be erasing your own existence. The role you play in all of this is much bigger than you think. But every decision for something is a decision against something else. A life for a life. What will you decide?

2019: At the station, Ulrich tries to convince Charlotte that Helge has something to do with the dead boy. She says he's too frail and demented to have done anything, but has no response when Ulrich says he may not have acted alone.
1986: Helge eats a Raider chocolate bar in his car before driving away from the plant. At the police station, Katharina tells Tiedemann that Ulrich didn't rape her, that his witness is lying. She has a black eye, which she claims to have gotten from falling down, and Tiedemann doesn't believe her.
2019: Ulrich comes home and tells Katharina that Charlotte suspended him. Katharina tells him she knows about his affair with Hannah.
1986: Jonas watches Mikkel at the hospital vending machine but leaves when he sees him talking to Hannah.
2019: Ulrich goes to talk to his mother, Jana. She tells him that a week before Mads went missing, she saw a priest arguing with a man (with a scarred or disfigured ear) in front of the house, which she thought strange at the time but never mentioned it to the police, but that this morning she saw the man again and he looked exactly the same and not a day older than he did 33 years ago.
1986: Helge clears dead branches off the underground shelter entrance and goes down.
2019: Wöller brings Charlotte a map of the power plant tunnels that go near the cabin. Charlotte drives there at night and calls Peter to ask why Helge kept the forest road cabin and whether he lived there in 1986, but Peter doesn't know. (And something about Helge's accident in 3 days from today's date in 1986.) Charlotte examines the shelter, and finds a scrap of folded up wallpaper under the bench.
*Jonas opens the Sic Mundus door, and lights flicker everywhere in 1986 and 2019. 2019 Helge gets out of bed. Jonas returns home to 2019 Hannah, and burns the suicide note.
*2019 Ulrich goes back to Helge's room, and sees the "A Journey Through Time" book with the 1986 coin-on-a-red-string bookmark, then sees Helge walking into the woods and follows. Ulrich leaves Charlotte a voicemail saying Helge was the 1986 kidnapper, and continues following him into the cavern.
*1986 Helge drags the body of a dead boy from the underground shelter.
*In the shelter, a man with the Sic Mundus art tattooed on his back scrubs the shelter floor, then writes two dates on the wall in chalk: November 5, 1953 and November 9, 1953.
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Oh, no, there are going to be 1953-version characters to keep track of now? I think this show is going to melt my brain.
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*1986: Aleksander(?) brings Tiedemann the list of power plant workers

I don't think this is correct. Aleksander is married to Regina* in 2019, if he were this guy, he'd be much older. Plus a power plant chief is unlikely to have started off as a policeman. I don't know who this guy is or why he's bossing around Tiedemann, since Tiedemann is still the chief.I'm not sure we've seen this guy in 2019.

The trail leads to the locked fence where 1986 Claudia saw the cave full of radioactive materials barrels, but in 2019 Claudia find the cave bare but for a few scraps of yellow plastic (paint from the barrels?). She finds a door which seems to be welded shut.

You mean 2019 Charlotte (I know, this is hard!). This is a different door than the one Ulrich was trying to break into with the tire iron so now I'm not sure what's behind either.

*1986 Helge drags the body of a dead boy from the underground shelter.

Is it the same kid as in the beginning? He's in different clothes.

The guy at the end looks like Noah to me.

Why does Charlotte seem to recognize or be shocked by the wallpaper?

Why doesn't Jonas see what happens with his cellphone? You'd think he'd at least try. Also, that flashlight is dumb. Looks hard to hold and doesn't direct light. Is it supposed to be from the future? The future is dumb.

*Now I'm confused, isn't Regina Claudia's daughter? Then why is 2019 Aleksander's last name Tiedemann? (I don't remember the episode but I am sure of this.) Is it common for men to take their wife's name? He doesn't seem like that type of guy.
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Whoops, the guy at the end is the hooded man. We see the same tattoo in an earlier episode (2?) when he's in the Waldenhotel.
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After reading the posts I understand why I'm so confused by this show. It seems like the youngest generation (Jonas) might all be half siblings. Or am I just getting really thrown by the timelines?
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I'm fairly sure the kid with the burned face is Elisabeth's friend Yasin, who got kidnapped, and also that he becomes Helge.
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No, hoody had scars on his back, not the Sic Mundus tattoo. I'm about 60% sure hoody is future-Jonas, isn't he?

Has there been any explanation for Wöller's eyepatch?
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Has there been any explanation for Wöller's eyepatch?

Not that I recall. (I feel like they did it just to make him stand out from the sea of characters.)
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Isn't moppy tattoo guy the priest?
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