Any Call for a sort of Classic Movie/1001 Before You Die film club?
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I'm on a personal project to watch my way through all of the films in the "1001 movies to see before you die" book series (I found a list that encompasses all editions). Anyone want to start discussions now and then as we go?

Some of the films on the list are already covered in their own Fanfare threads (especially some of the more recent ones). But some of the earlier ones are missing (including anything with Buster Keaton).
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I'm always interested in discussing older movies since I don't get much chance to see new releases until long after the excitement about them has died, but, fair warning, I do tend to go on a bit so I'm not sure how conducive my posts are for conversation.

Did you have a schedule in mind or some particular movies you were interested in discussing? If the list is the same as posted here there's a lot of really excellent films to choose from, though a few not so crucial ones as well. (Like maybe skip The Jazz Singer, its historical importance has nothing to do with its quality. It's not even one of Jolson's best films, Hallelujah, I'm a Bum being the best and pretty amazing at that.)
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I have no idea how a movie club usually works, so I don't know if there IS a schedule. I was indeed looking at that list (although a more complete version is here).

I'd be down with doing all of 'em - I'm already doing that on my own blog, so why not. And I actually disagree withou about whether Jazz Singer is worthy of discussion.
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I'm open to pretty much anything, but I think having some general schedule makes it easier for anyone interested to plan which movies to watch, or maybe rewatch, to join the discussion, but for my part I'd be willing to wing it for a lot of them.

Fair point about The Jazz Singer being worthy of discussion, I was more giving the side eye to "must see" notion for it.
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Oh, and if you've already done some on your blog, then starting with some of them would definitely be fine as well, though I might need to refresh my memory on some or find a few I haven't seen before. If you have a list of the movies you're most interested in discussing we could start from there perhaps.
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At the moment, I wouldn't mind a reason to watch Gaslight and Foreign Correspondent.
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I'd be up for it, a schedule would be very useful. Only problem I could see would be getting hold of some of them, especially if not available (for me) on Netflix, so a schedule would mean time to source them too.
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Well, I could base the schedule on things I have been able to find - although I've found many things on the DVD part of Netflix. Is it safe to say that works for folks?

If so I can draw some kind of schedule up.
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Oh - I've also been able to find some of the REALLY old things on Youtube as well.
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Yeah, some of the movies should be online, particularly those from outside the US or made in the early part of last century. The more popular stuff shouldn't be too hard to track down. Amazon and youtube had some on a online rental set up and a lot of local libraries or video stores would have them.

Even some of the less well known films are in many library systems, mine, for example has Ucho (The Ear) and Cairo Station, both outstanding films, as well as many of the more well known "arthouse" titles. College libraries are also great for finding some of these for anyone willing to go the extra mile. Some though, like the Ken Jacobs and Bruce Conner films, will be more difficult to get a hold of.
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