Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Getting Over Jeff.
December 9, 2017 7:28 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Rebecca continues her road to wellness while Paula comes to terms with her roots.
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I do not believe Rebecca would find Paula's father making fun of her weight funny. I think that is out of character, even when Rebecca is being the worst friend.

Also, Darryl & White Josh. sob.
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“The First Penis I Ever Saw” is easily one of the best song and dance numbers the show has ever done.
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That infected pimple pop and subsequent projectile squirt was hilariously revolting. My god.
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The ABBA-Penis number was fun, but overall this episode and the writing felt a little deflated to me. I also **love** Eddie Pepitone, and I feel like they could've done more with him...

Not sure what Josh's "big boy" mutterings were all about (though that did make me titter), and it's a little weird that the most interesting part of him was the popped infected pimple. I felt like my face was basically Heather's aghast-look-face the whole time, but there weren't enough clever-Heatherisms to actually provide more laughs.

Still love this show, though, so I might treat this ep like a boring one-off (a random trip to Buffalo, let's say) and stick around to see how it continues to play out.
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I also wonder why Daryl & WhiJo's breakup doesn't warrant a song number? It could've been interesting to see how the show song-ified the awkward, grey-area, and ultimately very realistic (minus the whole "madison pulled all the strings" thing?) kind of breakup in which they found themselves. That might have been more interesting than the Shirley Temple "best friend's dad" song, whose writing to me felt slightly phoned in. (I still love ya, Eddie Pepitone!)
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I was sorely disappointed with the way Darryl and White Josh's breakup was handled. I mean, Shoehorn Supergirl set a really high bar with how they treated Alex and Maggie's breakup over the same issue, and here it was like "And oh yeah, these two broke up, in case anyone cares." Well, a lot of us do care about those two. They've been severely backgrounded this season, which makes sense because of the direction and focus of the main arc, but it feels kind of like the writers have gotten tired of that relationship and are just treating it like a throwaway.

The First Penis song was great. I've really enjoyed watching the backup dancers is songs that have them. This, the 50's girl-group number when Rebecca was at her mom's and the exuberant dancers in Heather's The Moment is Me song have been womderful.
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Why did they have to break up Darryl and White Josh? Over this? Come on. Unless one of them is quitting the show (a la Supergirl), there's no reason.

I thought the Paula aspects of this were the best. Also by the time I saw this episode it was uh, reminding me of my own life this week.

I do think the show will have a problem with keeping Josh on it after a while, going on this plot. Cocktail was great, the zit, not so much. Except for all the guys gathering around to watch Cocktail, anyway.

Rebecca and the dad were...very weird.
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I’m just so glad Rebecca didn’t sleep with Paula’s dad.
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