Serial: The This American Life Podcast
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Anybody interested in doing a FanFare for serial? We can pretend that it's a TV Show.
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Hmm, this may be something we do in the future, but the site doesn't really support it for now.
posted by mathowie at 9:37 AM on October 7, 2014

Can you elaborate? I realize that this is probably old FanFare discussion news, so you could point me to a different thread where this has been recapped if you want to keep it short. (I mean, I imagine that Welcome To Nightvale has been pitched at least once.) My thinking was that Serial is going to be a set of ordered episodes split up into "seasons", and a pretty linear plot that follows a kind of standard TV Crime drama-ish format.
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Yeah, the whole FanFare site currently piggybacks off IMDB's database for content since that works great for TV and Movies. Podcasts would have to be a separate thing built apart from that, since they're obviously not part of IMDB. We'd like to expand FanFare to books, and games and other stuff, but with Podcasts, there's also the option that we could put podcast talk on the Podcast subsite if we chose to expand that out, but we need to figure out where it would work best.

Currently, the best podcasts and episodes show up on regular old MetaFilter when they're something special.
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There is a post on the blue with some discussion of Serial.
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I was just going to suggest this exact thing - I would love to be able to talk about "Serial". Lots of podcasts have summaries in their RSS feeds - what about expanding fanfare to be able to pull data from an RSS feed if you would like automated summaries?
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This latest episode of Serial (#3) drove me a little nuts. It's like jury duty all over again – I wanted to shout "why aren't you asking the right questions?"

Which is, I guess, my way of saying I wish Metafilter could find a place to discuss it.
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I came here looking to see if we could cover podcasts, Serial in particular. Started listening yesterday and as of today am caught up. Will check the blue.
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I came here looking for (or ready to start) a Serial thread also. I'd also love to discuss (and shout with roger ackroyd about ) individual episodes. I'm hesitant to read any threads on the blue, as the series is full of surprises ... and I don't want to be spoiled.

Matthowie, I guess I'm not exactly sure how FanFare works. You mention that it piggy backs off of IMDB for data. Wouldn't we be able to use the episode summaries from their website?
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Can we just talk about serial on this talk page now that the original thread on the blue has been archived? Because, man! That last episode made me feel good. And next week we finally get to hear about Jay. I am impatient.
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There's a new post on the blue!
posted by gladly at 6:20 PM on November 6, 2014

I just binged on the series and I'm caught up, so it's safe to go to the Blue! For anyone who's not caught up: don't. You'll be spoiled before you can look away.
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