Pod Save America: “It’s like Medieval Times every night!”
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The Alabama special election comes down to who gets more votes, Trump and his propagandists continue to delegitimize the press, and there's too much Diet Coke being consumed in the White House. Then the Atlantic's Julia Ioffe joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to discuss Putin's long game, and DeRay Mckesson talks about the latest incident of police violence. Elsewhere in the Crooked Media Universe...

Pod Save America also talked about Franken's resignation and did a live show in Oakland.

Crooked Conversations - Is Wall Street a Necessary Evil?: Crooked contributor and former employee of Goldman Sachs Julissa Arce talks to host and creator of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur about Wall Street, regulation and money in politics.

With Friends Like These - Karma is a Magnificent B*tch: First, [3:17] author and theologian Diana Butler Bass (@dianabutlerbass) drops by to give us an explainer on the really long theological history behind Trump’s decision to proclaim Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Then, [43:50] Ana checks in with GOP media guy Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) for his insight on how his party is (mis)handling Roy Moore. The main question: can the Republican Party get any lower than standing behind a pedophile?

Pod Save the People - It's Such BS: DeRay sits down for a deep conversation with U.S. Senator (NY) Kirsten Gillibrand at the Senate studio to talk about leading in a time of Trump, sexual assault in the military and on the Hill, the 2018 elections, the new tax bill, being a working mom in the Senate and much more. Clint, Sam and Brittany talk about the tax bill, the census, and seeing Coco.

Lovett or Leave It - The Handmaid's Fail: A government shutdown looms!!! Trump stumps for Roy Moore even as resignations over sexual misconduct pile up on the Hill. Republicans experience memory loss on Russia. (And, lose). Comey’s tweets are just terrible. And Donald Trump, Jr. – not a lawyer – invokes attorney-client privilege in a conversation with his father – not a lawyer. Andy Daly, Jenny Yang, and Emily Heller join Jon to break down the week and figure out why a person would pretend to be a sign language interpreter.

Majority54 - Public Education: This week I spoke to my friend Steve Droske, an elementary school principal, about the way public education gets treated by politicians. This episode is pure fire! We covered everything including: Betsy Devos, teacher pay, school choice and much more!
Be sure to listen to the very end for a behind the scenes conversation where Steve talks about the fear of using his platform.

Pod Save the World - Jerusalem Went to Jared Tommy talks with Politico’s foreign affairs correspondent Nahal Toosi about Trump’s controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Then they discussed news reports indicating Rex Tillerson’s disastrous tenure as Secretary of State may be coming to a close. It was lit.
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I was disappointed that Crooked Media decided to talk to Cenk Uygur, who has frequently struck me as being a troll and a crank. I was on the fence about Crooked Conversations anyway, since it seems like it spends a half hour discussing stuff we all know already, but Cenk just kvetching about Hillary was enough that I think I'm done with it.

Oh well, Lovett is still delightful and Pod Save the World usually teaches me something, so keep on keeping on, guys. Hopefully the all women podcast is rad whenever that one comes out.
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DeRay's interview with Kirsten Gillibrand is so good! I really appreciate hearing her say she was wrong about some of her previous positions, she listened to more people and learned more, and changed her views. If Gillibrand runs in 2020, I'm ready to knock on doors for her.

I liked the Majority 54 interview, I didn't necessarily learn much that I didn't already know, but it did give me some more points to add to my argument the next time someone wants to Get Into It about charter schools with me.

Lovett or Leave It was super good! I laughed so hard at Jenny Yang's rant about the fake sign language interpreter. Andy Daly is a gem and I always appreciate hearing him in random podcasts besides Comedy Bang Bang.

Pod Save the World remains super solid, I'm just sad that it moved to Fridays because it's a little harder to catch up with it on the weekends. Lovett or Leave It is my Sunday morning grocery store listening, now PStW is my Sunday night dinner-cooking listening (sometimes while cooking Blue Apron because I am a sucker and those ads really worked on me).
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I was disappointed that Crooked Media decided to talk to Cenk Uygur

I will have to listen to at least a couple minutes of it, just to learn how the hell that name is pronounced.
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I get increasingly annoyed when journalists and media people talk about "media literacy" as a reason for what's going on. It is transparently the way to refrain from looking at their own systemic failings.
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