Sustainable Agriculture & Resistance: Transforming Food Production in Cu
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"This is a story of resistance against all odds, of Cuba’s remarkable recovery from a food crisis brought on by the collapse of trade relations with the former Socialist Bloc and the tightening of the US trade embargo. Unable to import either food or materials needed for conventional agriculture, Cuba turned inward to self-reliance. Sustainable agriculture, organic farming, urban gardens, smaller farms, animal traction, and biological pest control are all part of the new Cuban agriculture."

"In this book, Cuban authors offer details -- for the first time in English -- of these remarkable achievements, which may serve as guideposts toward healthier, more environmentally friendly and self-reliant farming in countries both North and South. In 1999 the Right Livelihood Award, known as the "Alternative Nobel Price." was awarded to the Cubans in the Swedish Parliament for these advances."
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English translation 2002. It has both technical and readable bits; there's something for everyone.

Our neighbor (who spent time in Cuba, and was telling my partner about their community first-stop basic herbal pharmacy gardens) lent it to us, I'm really enjoying it so far.
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