Babylon 5: Born to the Purple
January 7, 2018 5:02 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

[mostly crisis-of-the-week] Londo falls in love with Adira, a Centauri dancer... but she is a (literal) slave to someone who wants Londo's priceless Purple Files (aka Centauri Blackmail Material). Meanwhile, someone is using the ultra-privileged Gold Channel for surreptitious communications. "What do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy?"

-Gold channel subplot via Cluedo: I accuse Ivanova, (inexplicably) in the very busy C&C (?!), with the dying father. Garibaldi lets it go.
-First mention that Ivanova's brother was killed in the Earth-Minbari war.
-G'Kar and Londo are both ladies' men. Londo also has a strong romantic streak to him, given how he behaves at the end of the episode.
-G'Kar hired Trakis, the slaver-blackmailer at the heart of the plot.
-Londo's compromise isn't too terribly selfish - that's a lot of blackmail material to allow non-Centauris to get ahold of it.
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Oh yes, and
-Centauri can legally own slaves!
-The Centauri Republic operates via blackmail among high-ranking individuals!
-Both G'kar and Vir like video games! At least, to kill time.
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Meanwhile, someone is using the ultra-privileged Gold Channel for surreptitious communications.

In terms of world-establishment, this was a nicely subtle way to establish how people on the station are connected to, and yet separate from, people on Earth and elsewhere. Yes, you can technically call home, but at a cost that not everyone can afford, and with an infrastructure that not everyone has constant access to.
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Londo is as always my “thank God they didn’t just hire pretty people” - such good acting even in plots that would be tough for another actor to carry. I also flag here his absolute faith in other Centauri, which seems..idealistic as hell given the amount of backstabbing.
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