Tatort: Der Wüste Gobi
January 11, 2018 1:26 AM - Season 47, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Exciting Weimar! Namesake of an era, hometown of Goethe (who gets name checked with a pretty great pun), Schiller and the Bauhaus School, Weimar is the revier (beat) of the detectives Dorn and Lessing. Notably, Dorn and Lessing are youngish and married. And their heat is out. In this episode The crochet-ing multiple woman-killing Gotthilf Bigamiluschvatokovtschvili, named 'Gobi' by everyone but Lessing who, tellingly, gets the name on the first try, is in a psychiatric hospital being treated by the talented amateur taxidermist, Professor Doctor Eisler. 'Gobi' breaks out to be with his devoted love, Mimi - harpist of the local chamber orchestra. Things, though, are not quite as they seem. 1. This is possibly the funniest, wittiest episode of Tatort ever filmed. As a non-native speaker they come pretty hard and fast, but if you miss one you don't have long to wait for the next. 2. No, seriously, this episode was hilarious. An absolute out-lier for Tatort. I highly recommend it.

Until the 25th of January you can watch this episode here.
Likely you 'need' to be 'in' Germany (*cough*VPN*cough*) to watch, and only after 8pm CET - 2pm East coast of the US.
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Just caught up on this one and it was a riot (without making light of the murders). Your description is perfect, thank you. Gobi’s magical and inconceivable ability to get any woman into bed makes a great contrast with poor Dorn and Lessing.

Anyone else reading this should join the unofficial Krimi club! For anyone with a basic knowledge of German these are a real treat. Most episodes have subtitles. If you don’t already have one, get a free trial to a VPN (you do need to be “in” Germany). There are generally three or four available to stream at any time.
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