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January 12, 2018 5:42 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

(hope I'm not stepping on your toes by posting, filthy light thief, just wanted to get the ball rolling for the season)
posted by oh yeah! at 5:45 AM on January 12, 2018 [1 favorite]

ok this was a pretty good episode.

- Eliot: "Just how long does a quest like this take?" The Great Cock: "A good season." [mugs for camera]
-Bacchus is probably sexist as hell, but that looks like an awesome party. Also good on Quentin for calling out that vagina comment.
- So I guess Brakebills is getting shut down?
- Nice to see Jaime Ray Newman in something again! (which reminds me, I found out she's in The Punisher and I haven't gotten around to watching that yet)
- Eliot and Margo's secret tv show language was hilaaarious.
- Aside from the obvious, I'm guessing The Warrior is Kady, The Fool is Quentin, and The Tortured Artist is.. Alice? I'm surprised Josh is getting a spot though. Although as AV Club points out, Tortured Artist might be a new character, since Alice seems to have a Lamprey to deal with this season.
- The Fairy Queen is just so despicable I love it.
- How does Quentin's wooden arm still work without magic?
posted by numaner at 11:08 AM on January 12, 2018 [2 favorites]

This one had some amazing moments...Quentin and Julia's "nerd dance" was just perfect.
No book spoilers since this is a show only thread but Felicia Day is joining the cast so may be "The Tortured Artist"?

It seems they are making a distinction on "Magic" with some types being powered/fueled by "The Wellspring" which includes the magic humans can do while some thing's just ARE magic in and of them selves and don't need magic to run so that may explain Quentin's wooden shoulder/arm.....though I am un-clear on is why Penny can still travel.

Totally looking forward to the rest of the season and the impatient part of me is cursing that the show is on SyFy instead of a streaming service since I could totally use the long weekend to binge watch.
posted by Captain_Science at 12:47 PM on January 12, 2018 [1 favorite]

The Magicians wiki describes Alice as the Torture Artist but I am not clear on why.
posted by tofu_crouton at 1:38 PM on January 12, 2018 [1 favorite]

oooh yeah i did see Felicia Day's instagram stories of hanging out on set with the cast. I forgot about that! I can't wait to see who she is!
posted by numaner at 2:24 PM on January 12, 2018

Dangnabbit, I got a new DVR and forgot to set up the series record. If I watch it ON DEMAND there will be... unfastforwardable commercials. What are we, animals? Now I have to wait until Monday.

So how awesome is this? Really awesome?
posted by Justinian at 7:52 PM on January 12, 2018

It's a build-up episode, but it had some great Magicians moments, like Q and Julia doing an awkward dance to Ayo Technology by 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake (official video, probably NSFW for sexy dancing), Eliot and Margo talking in coded language by referencing modern media (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter and Britney Spears, to name a few), and silly cock jokes. Baccus was fun, and the Fairy Queen was spooky and menacing without being too much of either (but that eye in a cage was great).

(hope I'm not stepping on your toes by posting, filthy light thief, just wanted to get the ball rolling for the season)

I totally forgot this was coming out, so don't worry about it! Thanks for the post, and the reminder!
posted by filthy light thief at 9:29 PM on January 12, 2018 [1 favorite]

Justinian, you can go back and watch, say, the last 3 eps of s1 on Netflix between now and then. No commercials, all the fucks/butts/etc that get otherwise censored. Then you'll feel super-caught-up by your first watch. That's what we did and it helped me a lot.

Let's hear it for the amazing framing and camerawork in this episode, man. Aside from the maddeningly enticing image of planetary spaghettification when Penny traveled back to the library, Hale Appleman is always a delight. He's wholesome yet jaded and I love his smile.

Margo is the most regal goddamned Cyclops I've ever seen. She is gonna get the eye back, you watch!
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 9:52 PM on January 12, 2018 [1 favorite]

Oh god, I found the camerawork so distracting and annoying. Shaky cam? Really?
posted by bq at 3:09 PM on January 14, 2018

> The Magicians wiki describes Alice as the Torture Artist

well there's a big difference between 'the tortured artist' and 'the torture artist'.
posted by komara at 7:21 PM on January 15, 2018 [3 favorites]

There was something kind of delightful in seeing rabbits used as message couriers.

I loved the pop cultural code talking and that they inserted captions for that scene.

Margo is definitely getting her eye back and then some. I think the Faerie Queen is going to ultimately regret messing with our favorite High Queen.
posted by Atreides at 11:46 AM on January 16, 2018

FWIW, I heard it as "Torture" and not "Tortured" on tv, but that's just one pair of ears.
posted by tofu_crouton at 8:16 AM on January 17, 2018 [1 favorite]

Agreed. The season 2 trailer also hints heavily at which character it is--though it could be misdirection.
posted by thecaddy at 4:11 PM on January 17, 2018

if you haven't, check out Syfy's "Explore Fillory" site. You can see a limited map of Fillory, and do "quests" which are just simple web games. But you get to see more of Rizwan Manji as Tick Pickwick helping you run the kingdom!
posted by numaner at 9:51 PM on January 17, 2018

also the Plaxco site, while mostly empty, has some great jargon
posted by numaner at 10:43 PM on January 17, 2018

I'm watching this on Netflix and only just got to this episode. Thanks for the YouTube link, Pronoiac. I missed a lot of the details when I saw it (although I got the gist of it) and it was nice to get those cleared up.
posted by It's Never Lurgi at 10:45 AM on December 11, 2019

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