Happy! Season One Thread?
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Would people prefer just a whole season thread to episode by episode?

Despite interest in the first episode, when I posted the second episode I got no comments. Should we just do a whole season thread and people can comment as we go? Since we're so close to the end of the season, it makes sense that might be best at this point.
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OOOOOOOkay then I'm guessing no one is interested anymore. Oh well.
posted by miss-lapin at 12:19 AM on January 21, 2018

One all-season post. Sure, why not? I am still watching but I almost never look at the sidebar for these non-show posts.
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I think this is a single-season adaptation with a hard ending, so I think having an end-of-season thread to tie things up is worth it.
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I'm still watching it! I'd say a post for the season. There's not a ton to say for each episode by itself.
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I'll tell you what. I ran with individual posts for JCVJ not because I knew the show was going to be the most popular show of all time (which it isn't) but because there is enough going on in a half hour that a cursory summary isn't sufficient for 3 hour runtime. They chunk it into half hours because so much is going on. In this case - I also know that very few people will catch on to it now - but instead - its for those that turn and watch this six months from now and then turn to fanfare after having found it... Hell, I'm even waiting a week between posts - not because I don't know how it ends (I do), but because the conversation can last a little longer - and a few new people may have the opportunity to wade into the mess.

I'll be honest, Happy! is a lot like that. First run, its a niche audience... 6 months from now when people have really started to unfold all the crap in it - they'll want individual threads. Maybe you can do it in a mega thread, but those just jump right to the ending usually and there's no... conversation about the ... WTFness of what you've just watched.

Yeah, neither of these are GoTs or Stranger Things or (insert your popular show here) - where folks want to discuss spoilers and plots for the future... but to catch everything - there's some genius in it.

I'll be honest, I was hoping JCVJ would be picked up for a second season... there's a lot of opportunity to delve into the inanity of where they could go with it... but it hasn't... so the best I can hope for is a show that lifts the torch in the same manner - I'd note - I rank it up there with Arrested Development. Now all I have to do is convince Netflix to pick up a canceled Amazon show (and maintain the rights to make fun of Alexa).

Anyways, back to Happy!..
Happy! was really really good... like Legion and Jessica Jones good - they captured an insane graphic novel in a manner that is purely genius... Even if its a one season run... I'd hope they'd consider making this somewhere in the vein of American Horror Story and using the same actors cast a different Grant Morrison piece... this is a solid romp through his mind at least.
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I'll add... I had no idea that FanFare Talk was a thing. I just hunted for it.. easier to get a response when people know that FanFare Talk is a thing.
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Um. Anybody want to discuss episode 7? Episode 8 is the season finale. It got renewed yesterday for a second season.
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Ok, I'm going to make the posts. I'd spread them out, but the season finale is tomorrow night.
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I have not watched this yet, not many comments in the threads.
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