Top Chef: Olympic Dreams
January 19, 2018 11:01 AM - Season 15, Episode 7 - Subscribe

"On the eve of the Quickfire, one of the chefs has a very special delivery. Padma and Season 14 Winner Brooke Williamson surprise the chefs at their house with breakfast ingredients and task them to create a delicious breakfast dish featuring Nutella. Then, Olympians Meryl Davis, Gus Kenworthy and John Daly inspire the chefs to focus on precision, speed and creativity in the first-ever Top Chef Olympics where the chefs will face off in three head-to-head heats. Who will win the gold and which bronze medalist will be sent packing?" (description from Bravo)
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I thought the quickfire was pretty weak, though I am not a sweet breakfast person so most of the dishes sounded gross to me (I also hate bananas). Brooke's surprise that other people also make crepes on the weekend with their kids was pretty funny, like she thought she just invented that tradition.

The "Olympic" challenge was pretty entertaining, and I'm glad that Tanya wasn't actually acting as bratty as the previews made her out to be. If I were her, I would have been pretty annoyed with Claudette too, especially if it wasn't crystal clear between them that Claudette would be helping her. Also I've made pipian a ton of times, doing that in 30 minutes alone is ambitious. I'm Mexican-American, I dig what Claudette does in terms of dishes and flavors and she did really well on LCK doing them in a short time, but it seemed that in LCK she adapted the dishes more to the short time period and this time she tried to do way too much. I think she was more focused on showing them more sauces and flavors that she hadn't yet than on what she could do in that period of time. It sucks that Tanya left, but she also seemed pretty over it, and it felt like she was getting the losers edit from the beginning of the episode.
posted by primalux at 11:37 AM on January 19, 2018

There was waaaay too much of Bruce in this episode for my liking. I didn't mind the personal stuff about the baby, but in the kitchen I find him overbearing. I appreciate he's the respected elder of the group (as well as Tanya) but I find him irritating.

I'm feeling the love for Chris. I'd love to see him, Carrie and Fatima in the finale. But I suspect it might end up as Bruce and the two Joes. Ugh.
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Chris’s talk about how he looked up to Tanya as an elder fell completely flat for me after the elimination challenge. He and Claudette backed Tanya into doing the Precision Challenge, which was her weak area, and he was no help to Tanya with either her dish or her account of how she was treated by Claudette.

I liked Claudette fine on LCK, but this challenge brought back why I was happy she went home the first time. She’s very willing to assume control, but actively lies about her actions at Judges’ Table in order to blame shortcomings on her competitors. It made me angry to see her lack of integrity.

I’m loving the rise of Carrie. Carrie/Fatima final? Fingers crossed!
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I understand this was the episode that John Besh had to be edited out of. Post-production did a great job. I had no idea he was there.
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Agreed – some of the cuts and framing were a little weird to me, but nothing that made me realize they removed him altogether. So yes, nice job!

This ep left me feeling a little flat, because it was so gimmicky and corporate synergy-y. Bruce was getting a hero edit for obvious reasons but it made me wonder if he was just going to up and leave (because my wife and I have been saying that since day one. YOUR CHILD IS BEING BORN AND YOU CHOSE TO BE ON TELEVISION INSTEAD. Ugh.)

The Claudette-Tanya-Chris team was very much a, "Well, we're the three left so maybe us?" team and it showed.
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Someone found all the brief glances of Besh and posted them at the top this Reddit thread. I had no idea he was there until it was pointed out to me. Some great editing!
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Tanya was tired, grouchy, and ready to go home. Stamina is important. My prediction would be that Bruce Bruce goes very soon. They were squeezing one more story line out of his character before he leaves.
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I dug Tanya telling off the white dudes for being so consistently emotionally oblivious in the Stew Room.

They're insufferable.
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I love that Tom called him "Mustache Joe"! Oh man.

I love Mexican cooking and I was rooting for Claudette, and I don't know whether she's getting the villain edit, but she seems like a beast to get along with. Ugh.
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I was a fan of Tanya's, in part because I've eaten at her restaurant. Sad to see her go. Especially in such a dumb way. As the chefs all said; no one does formal batonnets and brunoise in American cooking, even fine dining. And Brown Sugar Kitchen isn't the kind of restaurant that is going to cook meat to a precise numeric temperature. She was judged on skills she doesn't need or use and I'm sorry she got stuck in that position. Bonus link: Tanya Holland Describes “Bro Culture” on Top Chef Season 15.

Are all "the bears" heterosexual men? I have the impression they are and it grates on me a tiny bit every time they use the word. I mean "bear" isn't exclusively a gay term, but it almost is. Oh well.

I'm on Team Fatima.
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