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January 24, 2018 9:24 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

wow, lots of tragedy there. and goddamn Alice. goddamn. i always thought her niffin's "must know all the things" line was bs, but killing things because you liked the pretty lights is aaaaall kinds of fucked up.

poor daniel man. I wish the Lamprey would've taken over Alice and then we'd have Alice 3.0 who got its revenge and is now with the team. actually maybe it could've gotten a buddy to take over Quentin too and then we might have less insufferable protagonists.

Margo is so badass and yet so kind <3

I wanna know where that door go! Gah I might have to go back to waiting to binge instead of week by week!

It wasn't mentioned that it's a "deer class ship" in the last episode. Then I thought that's a silly name for a class of ships and then I remembered Umber basically said Ember purposely made Fillory weird and confusing. I love that it's a pretty good reason for things in Fillory to be random as shit and the Earthlings just have to deal.
posted by numaner at 11:33 PM on January 24, 2018

When this series is done I need someone to compile a list ranking Alice’s outfits from most-ridiculous to most-extra-super-ridiculous. I would accept as a substitute a story about the team of gnomes that knitted that sweater directly onto her.
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ok yeah i'm not going to lie that sweater was... distracting
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Ok wait is that Death from Supernatural???
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I have literally been dealing with standardizing a set of vessel class data today; “deer class” would fit right in with random Earth vessel classes.
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Huh. I was impressed by how thoroughly the show committed to making Alice a monster. Hard not to feel sorry for the lamprey at the end. "Tell me the truth! I want to know!"
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Yeah I believe I said in S1 that whoever's in charge of Alice's wardrobe appears to have spent all $100 of it at the Forever 21 sale rack.

Having recently seen the actress in something else (which escapes me at the moment), she can look SO MUCH BETTER. Her outfits are terrible in that they distract from the plot as well as the character development we're seeing in everyone this season.

Kady, though! I would gladly follow her into hell.
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Julian Richings is awesome, and has been in everything. I'll be sort of disappointed if this is all we see of Asteroth, but he seems to live by the saying "There are no small parts, only small actors".
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Margo pretty much won the episode in term of the main characters. That we got Alice back from being a Neffin, has now put me to mind that Penny will be right as rain...somehow.

Margo, not only respected the rights of her boat, but also happily destroyed her chance (for the foreseeable future....sorry) to have two working eyes. But ya know, she's making that eyepatch work for her. You go, High Queen.

Count me in as another person fascinated to know where the door goes.

I feared Alice's father would kick the bucket as he's the nice parent.

It's been interesting to see how a world without magic is affecting everyone outside of our main characters. "We apparently haven't been paying our taxes for 30 years..."
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Halfway through the episode I was very tempted to fast-forward the DVR because it just seemed rather blah and then it was a half hour of curling into the fetal position: Alice - just all kinds of wrong, Death and Penny, Margo with mighty brass balls...this one might be one of my favorites and its hard to be a favorite without Eliot.
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To be fair to Niffin Alice, the lights were pretty.
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