Supergirl: For Good
January 30, 2018 8:16 PM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Morgan Edge accuses Lena of plotting an attempt on his life and Kara steps in to help her. Sam asks Alex for help with her mental issues.

Oh Lillian, you're so terrible.

I have to rant: Lena didn't suspect her own mother of poisoning her?? I would! Also, I guess Edge did in fact poison Lena? And then Lillian had the poisoner killed instead of capturing him? And using an evaporating bullet to clue Lena in to find her? Like she just counted on Lena's friends to save her while she or a henchmen was watching all this and decided to just kill the guy? I don't like overly explained plot in these shows but this sure could've used another sentence or two. And even forced to confess Edge still wouldn't cop to the coffee poison! I still think Lillian poisoned her own daughter to drive her to murder. (Not to mention if she had been watching and not focused on the killer she would've found out Shoehorn's identity)

Anyways, Lexosuit! It looks pretty cool! And we actually saw it in Lex's vault back in season 2 (also episode 12!)

So with all her cunning I'm expecting big drama with the end of the season, where Lena finds out Kara is Shoehorn, gets mad about being lied to, and become a villain anyway. Prove me wrong, show!

And I wanted to point this out: The show already lost one WOC with Maggie gone. I guess Imra is one, since Amy Jackson is of Indian descent, but she's not a significant character. And then you have a (otherwise great scene) of four white women comforting one of their own as family. And then Shoehorn walks into DEO, sees a screen of 4 possible world killers, and fingers the one black woman immediately because of a dream. Nooot the best optics...
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I don't have much to add to your extremely on-point criticism of this episode. I was mostly pretty irritated, apart from Lillian Luthor donning the Lexosuit.
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Agreed totally. For a show that is normally really good about representation of gender, sexuality, and color, this episode kind of blew it with the best friends group and just having a hunch that the black woman must be the worldkiller. You're better than this, Shoehorn.

Is there any chance that Alex will adopt Ruby and then Maggie will come back and they will be a family? Or is Maggie gone from the show completely?
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the actress left the show for other opportunities so i don't see her coming back. i mean they used a text of all things (and I find it hard to believe that Maggie would misspell "you're" as "your") instead of having her call so it's really over.
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Are we just gonna ignore that Lena's cunning plan got a random redshirt killed by the drone? I know he was just a random redshirt but he was still a person!
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