Top Chef: Branco Brouhaha
February 2, 2018 3:30 PM - Season 15, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Cooking for Michelin-starred Chef David Kinch adds pressure to an already stressful Sudden Death Quickfire based on edible flowers and the chefs are crushed as one of their own is sent packing. Then, the chefs are challenged to put an elevated slant on pre-game food as they host the ultimate tailgate party at Sports Authority Field at Mile High for the Denver Broncos, the judges, Mayor Michael Hancock and BBQ Pitmaster Adam Perry Lang. Who will throw a game winning touchdown and which chef will make a fourth-quarter fumble? (description from Bravo)
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Ooops - just noticed the type in the title.
posted by primalux at 3:31 PM on February 2, 2018

I’m still enjoying the rise of Carrie, and it’s neat that Christopher won a trip to see what turns out to be his team at the Superb Owl.

Bummed about both chefs eliminated this week. The quickfire eliminations seem so mean! The other one this season was also devastating.

I like how much they all seem to enjoy each other’s company this season.
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Yes, it was rough to see, in particular, that one chef go out in the Elimination Challenge. But as Tom said, by all means make a simple dish, but make sure it's the best damn version of it you can make.

I'm also loving how Carrie is killing it. I think the final three now will be Carrie, Bruce and (I hope) Chris.
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During a close up of the risotto, you can see entire florets. It's like he knew "cauliflower rice" was a thing, but didn't even think that maybe it should be, you know, rice-sized.
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That was a rough episode. I wish Adrienne had gone home. I can't think of one thing she has made that was exceptional.
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Man I really still think that elimination quickfires are bullshit.
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I don’t know how Padma votes against Tom in that Quickfire elimination. (The guest judge, I get it, because of his similar dish.) She sure wouldn’t have if she saw Joe F’s crystal bullshit from the prologue.
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I'm really excited Chris got to watch his team win its first Super Bowl tonight. What a great treat for him.
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Sad to see Fatima get cut. Hoping Flamm takes out Brother next week. And ummm... crystals? Yikes...
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I was also thinking of Chris the whole SuperBowl. I am really happy for him.

I was slightly inebriated, but watching how upset the other chefs were when Joe was eliminated in the sudden death quickfire made me cry.
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