The Flop House: Ep. #250 - The Apple
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Hey, we found a guy from much more popular podcasts than ours to come guest host with us. Travis McElroy from My Brother My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone (and like 50 others) joins us to discuss the movie he insisted we watch, The Apple. It's... a trip. Meanwhile Elliott clarifies the plot to Bosom Buddies, Dan refuses to meet an actual vampire, Stuart reveals a Julian Sands secret, and Travis quickly discovers that the easiest way to fit in is to bully Dan.

Wikipedia synopsis for The Apple

Movies recommended in this episode
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
High Tension
Phantom Thread
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I rarely ever actually watch the movies that show up in The Flop House, but between the summaries and the bits involved I usually get a pretty clear impression of what the movie was like.

I listened to this whole episode and I could not say one thing about what this movie was about, other than something vague about music. In fact, I would be convinced this was some kind of hoax and no such movie could ever actually exist, except as they pointed out the Rocky Horror Picture Show definitely exists, and I know for a fact that Zardoz exists. Based on those two examples I can draw a rough course into an uncharted area of 70s experimental movies (marked Here There Be Dragons) where The Apple must be.

Also, is it some kind of tradition for guests to bring really aggressive energy to the show? Hodgman also has a tendency to be acerbic and his episodes and this one are some of The Flop House's best. Speaking of, why didn't they save this for Max Fun(d) Drive?
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I like Travis, but I don't particularly like aggressive guests, and he was going all out. The cross-coast skype effect probably hurt this, as Elliot would have either played off of Travis some or kept them better on track just by being in the room.
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I think Travis was really eager, and a little bit drunk.

Dan was kind of laying low most of the episode, but got some of the best bits in.
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I think Travis was really eager, and a little bit drunk.

My read on this one is that the recording of the podcast basically coincided with Dan and Stu taking their good friend Travis (who they hadn't seen for a while, and has been mostly at home with his wife and baby for the last year+) out for a few drinks at Stu's cool neighborhood bar. Travis discovers that his alcohol tolerance is not what it once was, prior to becoming a dad. They rolled with it, and the episode was fine.

Dan was kind of laying low most of the episode, but got some of the best bits in.

I think Dan doesn't get enough appreciation from the fanbase in general -- he's not just the main host and occasional comedic doormat for Elliott/Stu/whoever, he's the literal glue that holds the show together.
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