Supergirl: Both Sides Now
February 8, 2018 8:22 PM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Supergirl and the DEO go after another Worldkiller. The Legion tries to fix their ship.

I really felt for Alex. Not knowing to call or delete the number and spiraling into hopelessness is something I know all too well. And it really sucks when it starts affecting your work.

So Purity is just as strong as Shoehorn and also have all the sonic attacks? Man these Worldkillers are going to be a pain aren't they. I wonder who's going to join the team, either more from the Legion or Superman himself?

Dammit, I'm actually sympathizing with Mon-El! You weren't supposed to make him relateable, show!
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This episode highlights something that frustrates me on Supergirl: I love Kara and Alex's relationship as sisters, but Alex is a bad, Jack Bauer-style loose cannon cop, and it really bothers me when that's placed front and center. This episode leaned into that hard, so I spent half of it wishing it'd just end.

I was also pretty irritated with the Mon-El reveal, because the thing that had me okay with his return was Imra, and they're clearly telegraphing putting back with Kara.
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I liked it a lot when Mon-El was not on this show anymore, and I'll like it a lot when he is off this show again.
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I was pleased when Mon-El, working on the ship, uttered, "Sprock!" I'm old enough to recall that this was a common LSH "curse word."
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They really put the absolute minimum amount of money into the "subway tunnel" set...
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Alex just felt so far off this episode, too mean for her usual. Even if they are blaming it on Maggie. I felt for her on that phone number though.
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I wish the writers had thought to give us a little bit of warning about Alex being an emotional powderkeg before she acted like a belligerent asshole to Supergirl and Purity. That was supremely annoying. But I will say, I enjoyed hearing Mon-El describe himself with the words "misogynist and jerk." I don't know the actor playing Purity, but she's awesome.
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because I don't have time, I had to catch up on what happened in the midseason finale with this AV Review (next episode post incoming!)
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