Top Chef: Red Rum and Then Some
February 9, 2018 9:44 AM - Season 15, Episode 10 - Subscribe

With their Quickfire set at the iconic Stanley Hotel, the inspiration site for Stephen King's "The Shining," the chefs must put their scariest nightmares on a dessert form! Then, with their time in Denver coming to a close, the chefs offer a dish representing their own Colorado journeys thus far to Governor John Hickenlooper at the Governor's mansion. One chef will be sent packing before the rest of the group heads to Telluride. Other guests critiquing the journey dinner include some of the most acclaimed chefs in Denver: Frank Bonanno, Steve Redzikowski and Tommy Lee. (description from Bravo)

This week also had two episodes of Last Chance Kitchen, one of which was the finale, though we won't find out the winner until next week's episode of Top Chef.
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Apparently another judge was edited out of this episode, which is why the quickfire was so weird.
posted by dilaudid at 6:38 PM on February 9, 2018

Ah! Just looked this up, supposedly it was Johnny Iuzzini, which makes sense since he was a judge on Top Chef Desserts and was previously announced as a guest judge for this season. And he was also recently accused of sexual harassment.
posted by primalux at 6:59 PM on February 9, 2018

My partner thinks Carrie is going to win. She started slow but really seems to have picked up.
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I admire Bravo cutting scumbag sexual harassing chefs from the show. It was pretty awkward this episode though. Did they refilm all the shots of Padma? Or somehow cherry pick the shots without the disgraced chef?

I've never tried to watch Last Chance Kitchen but it's pretty easy to watch online right here.

I feel like this episode did a poor job explaining why Bruce and Chris both flamed out so badly on their dishes. Bruce is like "I'm making barley risotto, and risotto always goes badly, and..." And then the risotto went badly. WTF? And why would Chris try to make pasta if that's literally something he never does? He explained it as "I wanted to give you something new", but surely he's got some dishes in his comfort zone that are new to the judges? Also ravioli hardly qualifies as novelty.
posted by Nelson at 9:27 AM on February 11, 2018

I think they just did a lot of awkward cutting because the table in the hotel room still had a second chair and a glass of water. It did seem weird, but honestly I feel I don't miss anything when they cut a judge. And of course all the better if they are abusers.

Bruce just looked so over it. The tiredness in his eyes was evident. It's a shame because his restaurant (Union) is one of my new FAVORITES in LA. I mean I loooove pasta but it's not Top Pasta, it's Top Chef! Savage but usually Padma is right when she calls out things like that.

The side eyes from the other chefs when Chris was like "I'm making ravioli for the first time!" ... I'm sure most of us were screaming like WTF ARE YOU DOING!! He seems like such a sweet guy in his intention to honor others, and then additionally when he's all seemingly too eager to be like "that was all my fault..." Hopefully he truly realizes his mistakes in Telluride. I want to eat at his future world famous soul food kitchen. :D
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I wondered why they were bringing two dishes to Room 217!

Chris genuinely scared me. I want him to win so badly. I really like him as a person and his food seems so tasty!
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