Counterpart: Both Sides Now
February 11, 2018 6:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

[Spoilers, obviously] This was a palate cleaner after the first three relentlessly grim episodes. I mean, aside from Nadia Prime being betrayed by the one person in two worlds she thought she could trust and then making a kabob of her assailant, much of this hour was a welcome shift in tone. I particularly enjoyed Howard and Emily Prime connecting, the pathos of the Howards taking in their daughters' rooms, and most of all the last image of Howard jauntily taking the initiative away from his minder.

I'm confident that the next episode will have us back to our usual diet of duplicity, betrayal, murder, and impending doom, but I think it's smart of the showrunners to change it up now and then.
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[Spoilers, obviously]

[perplexed 'That word you are using, I do not think it means what you think it means' Inigo Montoya face] This is the newest thread for the newest episode, there's nothing you can spoil unless you have advance screeners for episodes that haven't aired yet.

Another great J.K. Simmons showcase. It's just amazing how there's never any doubt whether you're looking at HowardPrime or Original-Howard. Even once they switched wardrobes, there's just this difference in his posture and expression. Loved the parallel daughter's-bedroom scenes, so good.
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My wife and I are referring to the Howards as "mild-Howard" and "bold-Howard", but at the end of the episode mild-H stepped up his game a bit. We may need to find different descriptors.
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I never had children, though very much wanted to, so Howard's meeting Ana, and especially the bedroom scene, was very affecting for me. I couldn't decide if, were I in his position, I would find it unbearably heartbreaking or somehow comforting. Or, perhaps paradoxically, both.
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We're referring over here to East German Howard and West German Howard, given the obvious parallels with the Berlin wall.

Also, I'm wondering - so West-German Howard never found out about Emily's work with Housekeeping, right? And West-German Emily had a miscarriage, while East-German Emily did not.

What if East-German Howard found out about Emily's work, and thus wasn't able to be sidelined in Interface so long - and was thus more capable, and able to stop an attempt on Emily from succeeding? What if West-German Emily's miscarriage was a result of her work?
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