The Tick: The Tick (2017) Season 1 (second half)
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Arthur, the Tick and compatriots try to unravel the Terror's plan and foil it before disaster can strike.
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I think we might be thinking of this link (2017) for the 'IMDB Series Info' link instead of the (1994-1997) one.
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I ended up really liking this! It's silly, funny, and a well-paced. I hope a second season is way less serialized and more episodic so we can see more of the regular cast of weirdos from the other incarnations.
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My preference would be for it to continue to be serialized. It has a similar feel for me to Buffy/Angel/Firefly at their best (which is unsurprising considering Ben Edlund and David Fury were involved with those projects). Unserialized, it risks becoming too much like a sitcom, and they may as well add a laugh track.

I love Dangerboat's creepy infatuation with Arthur; it put power/gender/sexuality dynamics into a very interesting light. I love that the Terror's ship is a "T" and his escape pod is a "t." I love all the other subtle humor and callbacks and winks to the superheroes they are parodying, e.g. Superian's ship (shown in ep1) is literally a big bismuth crystal (analogous to Superman/Krypton/Kryptonite).

Very much looking forward to future seasons, ideally that are longer than six 20ish-minute-episodes.
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The little t escape ship made me snerk out loud
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From a comment on AV Club:
I look forward to more Danger Boat/Arthur interactions.

You could say...*puts on sunglasses*

I ship them.
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This was a good show, and I found myself laughing aloud at some point in every episode.

The fact that The Terror is forcing one of his minions to Whiplash him in into becoming an awesome jazz drummer really demonstrates his evil and narcissism in a hilarious way.

However, I found the actor's accent for Dr. Karamozov was really irritating. And he had a lot of exposition to speak.
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man that was fun!

Dottie taking a moment to tell Overkill and Lint that they need serious therapy, and not couple's therapy, like one-on-one therapy, was hilarious.

Also, I kind of love that Arthur never brings up if the Tick goes to the bathroom or ever gets out of his costume. And we've only ever seen him eat Ouma's food in a couple of episodes.
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OK. Arthur is fifteen years younger and thirty pounds lighter than he should be... but in every other way, that, my friends, is the most Arthurian of Arthurs.

Tin Foil Kevin is everyone's secret ally! I'll join his club!

I love the awkward, Dot: "Maybe you should position my body while you teach me the art of firing guns as I'm into you and mentoring is hot while you touch me?"

Overkill: "No. Not into it for my own reasons. Gonna go to bat for you as a member of our team, tho. I don't like you that way, but goddamn, you're cool."

At the book signing - "Mascot!" "Sidekick!"

Yes, that is good. Dangerboat's side-plot is not as clever as they wanted it to be, and almost ruined the series entire at one point.

Arthur has to spend two episodes convincing The Tick he's not a robot. Niiiice!

On the one hand, I kinda like that super sweet and kind and patient Walter is a secret super-hero, but having an Asian man's secret superpower being martial arts felt kinda cheap and borderline racist. He should have podiatrist powers instead!

Johnny Knoxville is the ideal deconstruction of Superman - and the reconstruction of same: "I just want to be a good person."

The Alexa ads were tedious and sneer-inducing, until you realized only the villain was invoking her, and Ben Edlund, you did that deliberately! LOL.
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Season 2 trailer
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