Top Chef: Nut Allergy
February 23, 2018 7:06 PM - Season 15, Episode 12 - Subscribe

"The Voltaggio Brothers reunite on Top Chef for the first time since competing against each other. Their first task is judging the Rocky Mountain Oyster Quickfire to see which chef has the balls to go all the way. Then, they reunite the chefs with surprise visitors from home in an emotionally charged Elimination Challenge where one chef will pack their knives before the next leg of the finals in beautiful Aspen." (Description from Bravo)
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I liked how they brought out the testicles and Tom wryly asked "any of you cooked with these before?" And Carrie was like "Yes! I practiced them for the show!" I mean duh, you're on a cooking game show in Colorado, it's a natural you're going to be challenged with Rocky Mountain Oysters at some point. It always drives me crazy when contestants show up on Chopped and have apparently never tried to cook a risotto in 30 minutes before. You know what you're getting in to, practice for it!

Michael Voltaggio sure has piled on the tattoos, hasn't he? I'm generally pretty blasé about tattoos and sort of respect how American chefs have embraced heavy ink as a badge of office. But that one skull tattoo on the Adam's apple sure reads like "I put myself through prison cooking meth" to me.
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Bryan Voltaggio was really thoughtful and engaged during that Quickfire. I could feel him willing the chefs to succeed!
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We literally had to pause till the laughter subsided when Padme quipped about hoping nobody was allergic to nuts. O. M. G.
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Michael Voltaggio sure has piled on the tattoos, hasn't he?

And seems to have gotten super skinny? Like, I went Googling to see if he'd had some kind of health scare, but didn't find anything.

Anyway, all the dishes in the elimination challenge looked amazing.
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