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His world rocked, Kovacs requests a dipper [ed: hacker who specializes in DHF data] to help him sew up the Bancroft case quickly. Ortega races to identify the mystery woman from Fight Drome.

"Haven't you lost enough?"

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There's that snake imagery again: the snake shedding its skin, the snake that killer was sleeved into and driven insane, the dragon/snake (wyrm) ouroboros tattoo that is also Tak and Rei's mother's symbol - the snake of temptation, of world-encirclement, of knowledge, of rebirth. The snake that devours itself in a quest for everlasting life and self-discovery.

Gettin' a weird vibe with the sister here. Maybe immortality and power make people very, very inhuman and inhumane.
They still have deductibles in the future - this future [Kinneman voice] suuuuuuuuuucks.[/Kinneman voice]
Oh hey, Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son. NAILED IT
Begin again, shed your skin .... and the Mom reference!
You know what they say about getting what you want...
Rei sounds like a Cardassian with the "everyone's guilty" bit. Is this a Repetitive Epic? [SIDENOTE: James Purefoy played Mark Antony in HBO's Rome ; Elim Garak thinks Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is a dunderhead for not realizing the assassination plot, but will go on to quote Cassius in the DS9 episode The Die Is Cast.)
"Are you a believer?"
... oh this guy is NUTS.
"It'll hurt less than listening to this." LOL.
She-Who-Endures. uh....ok.
that little head bob and "....yeeah."
This protest looks very fake!
This whole sleeve/stack thing makes family reunions a little awkward. But why isn't Ava represented as her DHF (residual self-image, to steal a phrase) when in VR?
The virus was in the chips? Ouch.

So we're gonna tell a story. Traditional murder-mystery - get all the suspects in the room and walk them though it. I think he's gonna use that Envoy intuition to weave a convincing story built out of Bancroft's narcissism, brutality fetish, and suicide - and healthy suspicion for the people around him.
Tanaka's necktie is odd - very old style, can see the tie visible.
Tamara Taylor is a heck of an actress in these scenes.

Thanks Quell-voice! OK, making Rei the secret villain pulling all strings is ... very Spectre. Quell-as-Kovacs-V.O. analogue so we can work through his thought processes is a nice technique, better than the standard noir V.O.
But spinning camera and flashbacks with V.O. is very tiresome, and I feel like a conclusion I already came to is being thrown in my face.

Oh this guy is just the right amount of uneager to help, well-played. As soon as he closes the door it's a TRAP.

I appreciate the weirdness of this nude clone fight scene and the implications it has for DHF, needlecasting, cloning, and the whole Meth inhumanization story, buuuuuuuuuut it seems like an Envoy-trained ruthless killer would do a little better against a cop with an upgraded arm.


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That was perhaps the most gratuitous scene I’ve ever watched. It’s like all the identity stuff and all the political stuff was just a ruse to set up the author’s personal weirdo sex fantasy. Really gross.
posted by rikschell at 5:12 AM on March 4, 2018

Poe is the man! Not technically accurate, I suppose, but he’s been consistently great and is stone cold in a bowling shirt, it turns out.
posted by rodlymight at 5:12 PM on March 10, 2018

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