Lucifer: High School Poppycock
February 26, 2018 9:01 PM - Season 3, Episode 15 - Subscribe

When a best-selling novelist is murdered, Lucifer and Chloe discover that her books are based on real people from her past, and must infiltrate her high-school reunion in order to catch her killer. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Linda struggle with making their relationship public.
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I got such a blast of teenage/pre-teen angst-nostalgia when 'Only You' started playing. I used to go to a sleepaway camp for the summer when I was a kid/pre-teen; this was back in the boom-box & cassette tape times, so whatever tapes people brought would get played a lot, and Yaz - Upstairs At Eric's was the soundtrack of my final summer.

I misunderstood the last Linda/Amenadiel scene in the previous episode, I thought it was a 'we can't date anymore' goodbye kiss that Maze witnessed, not a 'we have to stop sneaking around and date for real' kiss, so, this week's subplot felt a little redundant, but, whatever.

Can Lucifer time-travel? Are we going to get a Biblical-era-Abel-in-modern-L.A. plot?
posted by oh yeah! at 4:41 AM on February 27, 2018

Oh dear. I feel so badly for Linda. I'm guessing the arc here is Maze will see how hurt her friend is and try and fix it. And then realize she was also being selfish. Maybe. I really want Linda to get some happiness.

Chloe fangirling was cute, but I only wish Ella had been there so she could get a moment of YES THIS. Because Ella rocks. Also that "talks to ghosts" thing seems like a big hint about Ella's nature. If she talks to ghosts then she's a medium. But her gift might be more profound, like being a prophet.
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This was such a dud of an episode. Yuck. Despite her explanation of missing out on her own experience, Chloe's obsession with the high school books was over-the-top. The reunion decoys weren't entertaining in any way.

Worst was Linda's self-sacrificing at the end to break up with Amemadiel. Yeah, sure I'm on the same page as miss-lapin when it comes to expecting to see Maze realize how hurt her friend is and give her blessing, but this really was a terrible, cliched break-up.

I was looking forward to another strong, fun episode after the break and this was neither.
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This has been a pretty weak season so far. Weird pacing issues which were augmented by breaks. I'm trying to find some good in there, but it's pretty rough going.
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I'm sure there were some strong episodes thrown in so far. I seem to recall posting about at least one or two of them. I know the season has been more hit than miss, but I thought maybe they had finally hit their stride after the whole Cain reveal. I guess not.
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Did anyone notice that the author's name was "Kathleen Pike"? I thought it might have been a reference to 90's teen sci fi/horror author Christopher Pike, but maybe that's just a coincidence.
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I got a kick out of the little similarities between Ashley in this episode and Kelly in the Parks and Rec episode "Time Capsule".
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