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Created by author Michael Crichton based on his experiences as a medical student, ER follows the doctors, students, and staff working in the emergency room of the crowded, chaotic, and underfunded County General Hospital in Chicago. Now available for streaming on Hulu!

Fun facts:

- The screenplay used to shoot the pilot was virtually unchanged from what Crichton had written in 1974.

- The 19th episode of the season, "Love's Labor Lost," won writer Lance Gentile an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, as well as a Writer's Guild of America Award. It has since been ranked by TV Guide as one of the Top Ten Greatest Episodes in television history.

- Quentin Tarantino directed "Motherhood," the 24th episode of the season.

- I really like this show
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My memory is that I watched both ER and Friends the night they debuted. But I see on Wikipedia that the first ER episode was on September 19th, 1994, with the second episode appearing on Thursday the 22nd, along with the Friends premiere. That's strange -- why would they air the first episode on Monday a few days before?
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I always liked Sherry Stringfield, I wish she had gone on to do more.
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I really liked ER, we would get together every week and watch it in college, which is something I hardly ever do. I am sure I watched every episode of the first two seasons (despite not owning a TV) and am so stoked its on Hulu!

Julianna Marguiles character was my favourite. She was very relatable to a lot of us women in my scrappy state school back in the day: she was obviously smart but struggled with money and independence and getting respect from the men in her life. They all woo'ed her then once they got her started treating her like a little woman. God, I hated Tag, that asshole. And the dumb paramedic was clearly a disaster from the start. I remember them showing her going home to her little crap hole rowhouse for the first time and I was so impressed by her.

She obviously went on to do some other great stuff but I always wondered why Eriq LaSalle, Sherry Springfield and Noah Wyle didn't do more work. ER had a fantastic cast those first few seasons.
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LaSalle has had a steady career as a director for TV and movies, has published a novel and produces movies. Wyle has also been employed pretty much the whole time, having produced and starred in Falling Skies and all of the Librarian TV movies and series. I join you in wondering why Stringfield has done so little series work, but if interviews are to be believed, it's likely been her choice.

I haven't seen the pilot episode of ER in at least a decade, but doesn't it include Mark setting up a hungover Doug with a banana bag to rehydrate him?

And in the five minutes since opening this page, I've recalled dozens of random eps. Mare Winningham creepy-stalking Mark. Mark's death. Bob Newhart's guest spot. Liza Weil playing the wife of the law student who killed Lucy and stabbed Carter, before she played a high schooler on Gilmore Girls. Peter and Corday on a carriage ride date. Random, but stuck in my brain for eternity. I'm ready to rewatch every minute..
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That's strange -- why would they air the first episode on Monday a few days before?

I bet it had to do with Chicago Hope premiering on Sunday the 18th.

Wikipedia says
The pilot episode of Chicago Hope was broadcast the day before NBC's ER in a special Sunday, 8 p.m. time slot. After the first week, however, the two Chicago-based hospital dramas went "head to head" in their primetime 10 p.m. Thursday night slot. ER was the victor: its first season proved a ratings winner. Despite receiving critical acclaim, Chicago Hope was shifted to 9 p.m. Thursdays, and ultimately to Monday nights in 1995 in a bid for higher ratings, while ER remained in its time slot.
bonus link: the TV Guide ad for ER's premiere. (This used to be my life, writing TV Guide ads for another network.)
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The episode that always springs to mind immediately is that one where everything goes wrong and they end up with 3-4 people dead, most of whom came in for sore throats or something like that. I seem to recall one poor patient being described as "gutted like a fish".
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I've been watching this and it just really holds up. Doug Ross's playboy doctor is the only really dated character and it's not too bad.

I also unfairly maligned Carol's boyfriend, he was ok. It was Susan's first season boyfriend who was the ass. And he's had a breakdown, I'd forgotten that part completely.
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