Deadwood: A Lie Agreed Upon: Part I   Rewatch 
March 3, 2018 3:46 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Tensions flare as the camp faces an uncertain future. Al Swearengen taunts Seth Bullock over his relationship with Alma Garret, and the resulting confrontation between sheriff and criminal turns violent. With a new business venture on the horizon, Joanie Stubbs and Cy Tolliver await the arrival of the next stagecoach, which also bears two important reminders of Bullock's past.

* Martha Bullock with son from her first marriage William and Maddie stagecoach into town with three ladies of negotiable affection, whom William visually admires
* Calamity Jane: "Cocksuckers!" towards the coach as is passes

* Seth Bullock pays Alma Garrett a visit, discusses the business Seth has been handling for her
* Seth gives into the sexual tension between them and they mutually passionately kiss, disrobe, cause some minor structural damage
* Downstairs, EB Farnum tries to engage Whitney Ellsworth about Seth and Alma while the later supervises the loading of a shipment of Alma's gold
* Alma and Seth's afterglow flirting is interrupted by Ellsworth discretely rapping at the door to announce that the loading has been completed

* Silas and Dan updates Al Swearengen on the governor's appointment of commissioners for three new counties
* Silas then passes Al a letter from Governor Pennington, Al's eyesight isn't what it used to be
* Al is angry his bribes apparently haven't swayed Pennington, starts drinking
* Dan's smarter than he looks while Al mellifluously gives him grief, to exposit the arrival of a telegraph line into town
* Al goes on about Seth and Alma's tryst and laments Seth's position as sheriff and upon spying Seth walking by, loudly and publicly ribs him about the former from the balcony
* After dismissing his minions, Al suffers from acute abdominal pain

* Seth and deputy Charlie Utter are diverted to investigate an urine-and-grudge related prank initiated lethal shooting
* Seth: "I'm telling both of ya. Watch it!" and departs
* Charlie: "If he pulls that trick stunt again - shoot him!" and departs
* Seth practices some routine law enforcement on his way to "private business" with Al, Charlie catches up to the now tense Gem Saloon
* Trixie runs over to tell Sol Star at the hardware store, who grabs a pistol and his hat
* Seth storms into Al's office as Al is having difficulty urinating, demands an accounting of Al's public insult
* Al changes the subject, tells Seth about the outsider commissioners on their way, keeps ribbing Seth's relationship
* Al tries to be reasonable, Seth doffs his badge and gunbelt
* The two tussle and fall off the balcony into the mud and the fight continues
* All the seconds rush out, Dan coldcocks Seth and draws on him
* Silas restrains Dan, Johnny shoots Sol in the arm and grazes Charlie's temple
* Al draws his hidden bootknife
* Bloodied, Seth's eyes lock with Martha, whose coach has just arrived
* Al: "Welcome to fucking Deadwood!" departs in disgust back into the Gem
* Seth greats Martha and William, has their belongings conveyed to the house that Seth built, falls over

* Cy and Joanie welcomes Maddie to the Bella Union, Cy is childish and physically abusive
* Maddie is dismissed, Cy rips into Joanie about her establishment
* Cy is a total jerk as the audience is informed that Maddie is here to help jumpstart Joanie's establishment, the Chez Amis
* Cy offers some of his workers as "expansion draft picks" and reminds Joanie that he wants his investment to pay dividends (?)

* At the Gem Dan, Johnny, and Silas have a scene while Al painfully redresses
* At the hardware store William asks Seth where his gun and badge are while Doc Cochran extracts the bullet from Sol
* Jewel brings Seth's stuff down to the saloon, gently eggs Al about his urinary situation, shows concern
* Al snags EB for an update on Seth, sends him away to investigate the new sex workers

* Alma confides at Miss Isringhausen, her ward Sofia's tutor
* Sofia has a present for William, asks Alma to give it to him
* Enter Ellsworth, he and Alma and leave with a gift basket, Ellsworth is uncomfortable
* Alma shakily introduces herself to Martha, presents the basket and Sofia's gift
* Alma confides at Ellsworth, Ellsworth tries his best
* Seth tries to explain his business relationship with Alma to Martha, Martha isn't really buying anything
* Martha and William are impressed with the house, remain extremely formal, Seth departs without entering

* Seth visits Alma, they have a wordless breakup hug
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