Ash vs Evil Dead: Booth Three
March 4, 2018 12:21 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The Evil Dead have it in for Ash's "seed," but is Brandy the only little Williams out there? Ash investigates the possibility of further progeny, and finds himself in a sticky situation.
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I was reminded heavily in this episode of the morgue scene in last season in terms of over the top gross-out factor. I'm curious what happens to Sumeria-dude, he's kind of too good looking to fit in with the group; I'm expecting a death or a face-heel turn.
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Yeah, the Sumerian knight guy feels like a character from another show. At first I was concerned this meant AvED was headed for (no offense, Sumerian knight guy) blander territory after its behind-the-scenes shakeup. But this episode has me thinking that nothing that wasn't broken is getting fixed on this show, so I'm guessing he's gonna be demon baby chow before long.

It is interesting how his organization seems to be tied to the events of Army of Darkness, though. I thought there was some legal reason AvED couldn't explicitly reference it, but maybe that's changed.
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I liked this episode much much better than the first. The depository scene was fun and choice of music great; the magazine effect was excellent.

Damn, Lucy Lawless getting to show off some emoting chops.

I like the tension between Pablo and new guy/Kelly's minion. Hell, everything Pablo. Want more Kelly, though.

Suspecting this to be the last season, or at least last season with Campbell and Lawless. If new guy sticks around, I want him to take the brunt of the Ash-must-suffer role if he has the chops for it.

At least now we know which hand Ash uses at 'The Depository.'
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I'll have expanded thoughts on this soon, but for now, let me just say that this season stinks of New Showrunner Soft Reboot and I don't like it so far.

There's an interview going around with the former showrunner about how last year's finale scrapped the season long plan to retcon Kelly into being Ash's daughter. Not sure how I feel about that, but the stretch marks and awkward stitching from the abrupt direction change are apparent and the show has not fully recovered.
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