Arrow: Collision Course
March 5, 2018 3:06 PM - Season 6, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Team Arrow and Not Team Arrow clash over how to handle Black Siren. Meanwhile the city is running out of money due to Cayden James' extortion.

Ok wow. I sort of wanna applaud them for really taking the tension between the two teams as far as this point, but I'm also frustrated that it's born out of weird miscommunication and inabilities to trust that a more mature set of characters could talk their way out of.

I'm also disappointed that Curtis and Rene chose to basically back Dinah, knowing she wants to kill Black Siren, only for Curtis to call her out on it at the last possible second. Like that speech could've been done way back in act 1, buddy, and then maybe you could've seen that getting the money back for the city outweighs her revenge?

I don't fault Oliver's team except for straight up breaking into the other team's bunker. That was a dick move. Like things weren't so bad at that point yet, they could've just knocked and then asked straight up. Like "why were your boot prints at the crime scene?", "oh we were just there to follow up and we found these tire tracks that were no help.", "oh ok cool, bye".

I know this show likes to push its characters to be really taken in by miscommunications, but that was very lazy writing.

Anyways, so I guess now !Laurel is going to fake coming back to life as Laurel? That'll be fun...
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Meh. Just caught up on the episode today, and I'm just so bored with Arrow. I don't know that it's any dumber than The Flash, but it's so serious about its cartoonishness that I find it harder to take.

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There's really no need for me to post anything because I agree with (almost) everything you've written numaner. It's just so frustrating because every time we think the characters are making progress--are developing or maturing--they backslide into stupid sulky teenage behaviour (or even worse).

My only quibble with your post is what you've speculated about Laurel. I don't know if they're that nuanced or if they're just going to go with one of those hit-in-the-head-to-reverse-the-amnesia plotlines. You know what I mean: a traumatic injury is going to knock out Black Siren's memories of what she has done and why she has done it and return her to a more pure, naive, pre-evil state where she can become something closer to Quentin's daughter before she eventually starts to get enough of her original memories back to become a sort of anti-heroine (something perhaps close to this universe's Catwoman).
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I thought i saw a little smirk before she told the truck driver her name is Laurel Lance, so I assume she's going to actively pretend to have amnesia. The show's done nuance well before, so even in this frustrating episode, they could still pull that off, but it's not something I really want done.
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I am sick of Laurel. I do not love Laurel. I am tired of anyone wanting to help and support the homicidal Laurel. Dinah, go ahead and kill her. It's not like anyone's gonna get the money anyway.
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I don't know when I'm going to get a chance to watch this week's Arrow -- I'm just super bored with the show this season, and I've got Jessica Jones S2 to get through this weekend, plus Timeless is back tomorrow. If anyone else feels like taking on the Arrow postings on a more regular basis, please go ahead.
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