Riverdale: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes
March 9, 2018 7:02 AM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Determined to uncover Hiram's plans, Jughead presses Veronica about what she may know, while with Betty and Archie on a romantic couples' get-away weekend; Cheryl makes a surprising connection with an unlikely friend, and Josie bonds with Kevin over a shared secret.

Riverdale returns, with one important question: “Are they serious?” (LaToya Ferguson for A.V. Club, grading the episode C-)
Based on all that’s happened in the series so far, “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes” is an absolute mess of a Riverdale episode. It’s a mix of fan fiction (or fan service posing as narrative), product placement, and “who even knows anymore.” In some ways, it deserves an even lower grade just to fully capture how bizarre an episode of Riverdale it is. Despite plenty of enjoyable moments—independent of each other—“Chapter Twenty-Seven” is far from the best episode of this season or series. But to grade it lower than a lot of other episodes this season would be a disservice to how much more entertaining it is than those same episodes, even if they’re technically better (simply by not being absolute nonsense).
"Riverdale" Recap Season 2, Episode 14: A Weekend in the Woods -- While the couples are away, everyone else will...go to the movies and confront some secrets they've been holding onto. (Jessica MacLeish for Teen Vogue)
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Love, Simon (IMDb) is a real movie (Wikipedia), and it's coming out next week. Now the fact that the whole town is going to see this movie makes sense.

I'm surprised that none of the (few) reviews I've read picked up on the Lodges' monopoly references: Hiram is buying up the South Side, while the kids play it at Shadow Lake (yeah, that's not ominous -- at least they got to stay at the humble Lodge Lodge) and Veronica has a hotel on Park Place, charging Betty $1,500 when she lands there, saying "Sorry, Bee. It's nothing personal. It's just business." Foreshadowing much?
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Love, Simon (IMDb) is a real movie (Wikipedia), and it's coming out next week. Now the fact that the whole town is going to see this movie makes sense.

Not only is it real, it's directed by Riverdale/half of the CW lineup's executive producer, Greg Berlanti. I'm used to rolling my eyes at terrible product placements in teen shows, though (PLL did a lot of movie tie-ins and I'll never forget that time the OC shoehorned the word "mobisode" and a shot of a Verizon phone into a scene).
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I'm amused that 3 out of the core 4 have made out with everyone. C'mon, Archie and Jughead! *snicker*
Also, Dark Betty, damn girl.
Those were some fucking moron thieves though.
I seriously wonder if Cheryl is just fucking with Toni, though.
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aaaaaah the love quadrangle

This show is so camp and I love it, fuck it

Arch-head! Arch-head! Arch-head!

c'monnnnn CW
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I want to note that in this, the twenty-sixth episode of this show, Cheryl tries to invite herself along for thee weekend, and none of the Core Four do the mental calculus required to ask what Cheryl might spend her weekend doing if they don't bring her along.
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