Black Lightning: The Book of Revelations
March 13, 2018 9:04 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Black Lightning works with Anissa to help find information to clear his name. Jennifer begins interning for Lynn, and discovers something unexpected. Meanwhile, Gambi finds himself in a precarious situation.
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Really enjoyed this episode - so happy that Jen went right to Anissa about her new powers instead of it being drawn out for another round of People Keeping Secrets. Plus the full exposition from Gambi about all of his secrets, and the tie-in to real world racial issues/history. And now the new mystery of what the hell the deal is with Lala and ghost tattoo Lawanda.
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This was fun. I'm really enjoying the dynamic of 'dad teaches daughter how to superhero,' and looking forward to Jen being in on that.
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Yeah, Jefferson's a good mentor that way.
Looking forward to seeing how Jennifer goes from here. If they already have Black Lightning and Thunder, what are they gonna call her? Stormcloud?
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IIRC from the wiki page for Black Lightning, Jen will be... Lightning. So they'll be Thunder and Lightning. Which is neat, but there's already a Lightning in Black Lightning's name.

Ok so the ASA was basically allowing gangsters to run over Freeland? As a way to use the city for "experiments"? And Gambi knew this? Holy shit how do you trust anybody ever again?
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This show seems to be going out of its way to make showers the focus of creepy/weird/inappropriate relationships and discussions.
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y'know, if that's the one weird niche thing about this show, i'll take it.
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Finally picked this show up again. Loved the foreshadowing with the purple silk. It had better be foreshadowing anyway. If not, what a waste.
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Not even 3 months since broadcast, and I'm drawing a blank - how was purple silk used in this episode?
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When Lynn visits Gambi in his shop to ask about the greenlight connection to a vaccine from 30 years ago, he asks if she wants some purple silk because his supplier accidentally sent two bolts. Or something like that. Could have just been a joke, but you'd figure that has to have a payoff in a super hero show right?

I'm about to watch the next one, so I guess we'll see.
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