Babylon 5: Legacies
March 14, 2018 7:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 17 - Subscribe

[arc] A Minbari war cruiser arrives to display the body of a fallen Warrior caste leader. Meanwhile, Talia and Ivanova butt heads over the fate of a young telepath... "You talk like a Minbari, Commander! Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting your species survive."

-Previously, every Minbari we've met has been Religious caste. Neroon and the staff of the cruiser are the first Warrior caste Minbari we've met--and the plot hinges on the fact that the fallen leader, Brenmer, was the product of a 'mixed-caste' marriage, and used to be Religious caste before the Earth-Minbari war. He switched caste because of how fervently he believed in the war.
-When Brenmer's body disappears, everyone tries to solve it and Neroon threatens war. It turns out Delenn stole the body to give it the funeral rites due to a member of the Religious Caste, and also possibly some complicated gambit involving having him elevated as a religious icon that didn't work. But, hey -- Garibaldi got to go visit a corpse-eating scavenger species, so that's fun.
-The Earth-Minbari war started when Dukhat was killed in an early moment of Earth-Minbari contact. Dukhat was previously mentioned as the Minbari leader that the Soul Hunter from episode 2 so badly wanted the soul of--and for whom legions of Minbari died to stop the Soul Hunter from taking his soul. He was on the Grey Council.
-Minbari ships will come over with gun ports open (a normally hostile move) in certain circumstances, as when carrying the body of a fallen military leader. It is meant as a sign of respect.
-Neroon is aware that Delenn is a member of the grey council.
-Talia wants to report a young telepath to Psi Corps. Ivanova, to the surprise of no one, is pounding the pavement trying to find any other solution--and she believes the solution lies with the alien races on the station.
-Due to a loophole that I truly cannot believe exists in Earth Alliance law, the young, orphaned telepath is going to Minbari to train as a telepath, thus avoiding the requirement to report her to Psi Corps. Narn minds were frighteningly strange, and although the Narn desperately want telepathy (they have no telepaths), she was too offput by the strangeness. The Minbari, however, are comforting to her.
-Delenn knows when she's being telepathically probed. After her probe of Delenn's mind solves the week's mystery, young girl gets one word out of Delenn's mind--"chrysalis."
-"There's nothing more annoying than Mr. Garibaldi when he's right."
-Talia and Ivanova have a drink.
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The actor playing the orphan was miscast, and Delenn's plan was stupid and convoluted. All the good stuff is on the edges of the episode.
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All the good stuff is on the edges of all the episodes.
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One thing I've always wanted to see is a B5/Trek crossover fanfic where someone sets up a cross-breeding program between Klingons and Warrior Caste Mimbari. They'd be their own helmets.
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