Sleepy Hollow: Go Where I Send Thee...
October 13, 2014 7:49 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A creature out of myth and legend...sort of. Plus unusual musical instruments, chess with a devil, and family curses make for hard choices.
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Crane's driving lesson got the ep off to a hilarious start.
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That's not a Hobson's choice.
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This was an odd episode, and I'd rather have Jenny than Han Solo lite.
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Yeah, not sure what's up with that dude. He needs to get back to the Clive Cussler novel that spawned him for a bit before he wears out his welcome. I mean, I guess he's there so that they have someone else who can explain things/have things explained to, but it really smacks of trying to save a few bucks by writing Jenny out of episodes in favor of Ham Salo.
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I cringed when Crane just picked a human bone off the ground and put it up to his mouth. Urk.

This episode was severely lacking in Jenny, but had some great moments despite a weak monster. Abbie trying to prepare Ichabod for a possible future without her was bittersweet and his declaration of entwined destiny was beautiful. Loved his reaction to driving, espresso and noise cancelling earbuds. We should have gotten a scene with Jenny and Ichabod secretly practicing, which would have been fun to watch.

Irving as warrior of the apocalypse was a cool effect even though I am deeply concerned for him. I wonder is he going to slowly be corrupted because of the contract or can Henry already control him?

Henry nibbling on a child's crushed bone gave us our weekly requirement of gleeful evil.

Though the pied piper was a bit silly, I did like the fight between Abbie, the Piper and Ichabod.
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This was the first episode of the season that I really didn't enjoy. The clunky exposition, which is always there during the first 10 minutes of the show, stood out more than usual, and I wish they would stop using the plot convenience of having Ichabod knowing everything about everyone who was ever spooky. He's getting too overpowered; we need some sort of Ichabod-kryptonite For once, the show seemed to me to be as actually inane as it sounds when I describe it to other people.
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Yeah, while the show always has its moments - driving, coffee, etc, they're doing a few things that make me a little wary. They focused so much on Shmans Schmolo that they completely left out the more interesting (and, uh, deeply disturbing and that little girl will need intensive therapy) plotline of a woman having to make the choice of what child of hers gets sacrificed. The Piper abandoned his old flute in the forest just because. Poor Tom Mison is forced to rattle off the most ludicrous stuff and sometimes it works but seriously, writers, you're going to make him cramp up if you keep this going. Oh, and explicitly amping up the Ichabod/Abby stuff will make Katrina even more difficult to sort out, character-wise.
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Any episode without Katrina is a good episode.
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I want to see Ham Solo in action with Jenny, is what I want. But what I actually enjoyed about the trio of Ham Solo, Princess Pride and Prejudice, and Abbie Skywalker was that the rivalry there wasn't even romantic. (This is my thing, yes.) But this flavoring is best as spice and not as a main dish, especially if it means less Jenny.

This was an okay episode but not the strongest of the season. It felt like a filler episode in terms of plot. For once I thought they underexploited the historical/mythological stuff because there should have been a more explicit link between the Hessians and the Piper (or maybe I missed them making it explicit). I did want more focus on the mother's choice, and I also would like, for once, for Ichabod and Abbie to not be connected to everybody. Betsy Ross is bad enough, but the colonial descendant who just happened to be Abbie's social worker was a bit over the credibility line for me.
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I enjoyed the episode, personally, though the Piper was a bit glossed over and spent a little too much time in a blurry "moving so fast!" type of visual.

I'm not super surprised at the interconnections between Crane and Abbie, if only because they both have deep roots in the community and these communities, minus folks who have moved into them in the intervening years, are generally chalk full of folks who are either related to each other or have ancestors who were somehow connected. Granted, the population is over 100k, so that does lower the odds a bit!

Likewise, Crane was veritable Oxford professor who was in the deep of it with the Revolutionary fathers and so on. I accept his knowledge. If he starts talking about anything that happens post 1780ish, well then, that's awkward.

I also shuddered when he put the bone flute to his mouth. Yuck! I enjoyed the twist at the end with the state of the flute being unimportant as it was destined to be ground into a powder in the first place.

Vicious, deadly warrior Captain Irving was cool, but the black head band he had on made him look a little like someone playing Kung Fu or something. The potential future is indeed terrible.

Not only was Katrina not in this episode, but Ichabod didn't mention her, either.
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