Whole-universe discussion vs. individual movie/episode posts?
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe presents challenges to FanFare's default spoiler scope in that the MCU now comprises 18 feature films, 10 TV shows, and a variety of one-shots, web series, and tie-in books/comics, with more to come.

How can we best organize our FanFare posts so that the people who only follow a subset of the MCU can still enjoy separate discussions for individual movies and episodes without being exposed to spoilers for the rest of the MCU, while still having a space for those of us who want to discuss the linkages among the various storylines set in Earth-199999?

Also, how should we handle discussing comics, movies, etc. set in other universes in the Marvel Multiverse with regards to the inspiration they provide for characters, storylines, etc. in the MCU?
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For discussing linkages between the storylines, what do all y'all think of having monthly "MCU Free-for-All" threads in this FanFare Club forum in which anything set in the MCU is fair game?

Then if you want to discuss something that is related to a movie or episode but outside the spoiler scope for that movie or episode's individual FanFare post, you could make a note in your comment on the individual FanFare post something like "more commentary in the MCU free-for-all thread" and link to your comment there.

That way people who are reading the individual movie or episode discussion threads have a choice whether they want to read more about how it ties in to the overall MCU.

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Also, it would be nice if there was a way to "sticky" the current free-for-all post to the top of the Club page.

Maybe by creating it as an "event" with the "event date" as the last day of the month?

So for example, an "event" named "March 2018 Marvel Cinematic Universe Free-for-All" with an "event date" of March 31, 2018.

I think that would keep it posted in the upper right of the Club page until that date passes?
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This sort of discussion has come up in the Star Trek review threads, and I'm certainly on board with your model for how to do it for the MCU.
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