Ash vs Evil Dead: Baby Proof
March 25, 2018 1:52 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Ash fights a baby. Kelly and Brandy battle a demon-possessed Pablo. Pablo must make a crucial choice, but he gets a little distracted.
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Ruby's kid using Ash's lineage - hey, you have to admit that the chainsaw hand is ridiculously cute.

Ash's mechanical hand seizing up - they forshadowed that earlier and being stuck to a kitchen sink's a creative way to make Ash suffer.

Ash: "That little kid is taunting me. He doesn't know who's he's up against."

Using the decapitated body as a meat suit isn't exactly inspired but that was dammed fun.

DeLorenzo (Kelly) has a great stunt scene (upside down playing tug of war with Pablo using Candy), but I couldn't quite tell if it was really her all the way or if there was a double.

Nice that Brandy isn't completely useless.

Damn., Ray Santiago. Nice work during the offseason.

Lots and lots of great details here. Full marks.
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Yeah, seeing how Pablo -- Pablo! -- is cut like a god is making me feel like I need to hit the gym, for real. I'm not sure if Ray Santiago is auditioning for superhero movies or what, but it's working for him.

I really enjoyed this episode a lot. This season isn't as funny or as intense as the first two, but it's a lot more consistent -- the show hits what it aims for. I don't know that the truly inspired mania will ever return, but I can roll with what we've got for sure.
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