Ash vs Evil Dead: Twist and Shout
April 7, 2018 11:05 PM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Ruby's plan reaches its culmination, Pablo receives a message from beyond, and Ash crashes Brandy's high school dance (twice).
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Random observations:

*I watched this really late at night, so I may have missed something, but Brandy's role in Ruby's master plan makes no sense to me. I can't see a point to convincing Brandy (for like the fifth time) that Ash is evil. If Brandy is (somehow) still a problem at the point where Evil Ash makes his debut, why not just kill her? I guess that's what Ruby does anyway, but I'm not sure what all the preamble was about.

*Evil Ash is every bit as casually racist as the real thing, but he's a lot more patronizing about it. Somehow that seems even worse.

*"Because I did kiss Kelly, and it was frickin' AWESOME!" I mean, Kelly kind of took the initiative there, but yes, a kiss did happen. I hope everything turns out all right for these crazy kids.
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Evil Dead/Stranger Things crossover?
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Brandy's role

Makes very little sense aside from 1) Ash must suffer, 2) Ruby actually respects Ash - or rather, Ash's consistent run of damned strange luck - and wants to stack the deck, 3) Ruby is evil and fucking with people is just one of her kinks. But yeah, extraneous drama all 'round.

What I'm curious about is why Ruby thinks Evil Ash will have any loyalties to her.

Also, that's a reasonably clever callback to Goodie-Little-Two-Shoes and Bad-Ash*, that does double duty as to make Ash suffer (resurrects his reputation as Ashy Slashy).

a lot more patronizing about it

I read a little bit of "studied Ash in order to become a convincing Ash, is intellectual about some of Ash's foibles." Evil Ash relishes in the throb of psychic trauma caused from being racist - Ash is racist because Ash is just dumbass ignorant/ self-absorbed/ unreflecting. Also, by thinking about it, it transforms past 'casual' and into 'active' prejudice intending to cause harm.

Kind of pissed that adult Evil Ash doesn't keep his psychic-resonance demon-chainsaw hand. Evil Ash cutting it off was a real letdown - both the act and the execution of the act. Him telling Ruby, "Mom, it hurts!" was cute but more of a fly ball than an on base hit.

Because I did kiss Kelly

That's all kinds of awesome that Pablo is aware enough that a Fake Kelly would believe that Kelly wouldn't have shared such an interaction with Pablo, but unaware that most anyone other than Kelly would glady do, but he's so fixated/ monogamously imprinted that he'd think about using that as a test.

Not disappointed with DeLorenzo's not-Kelly, but not wowed.

*The strangest thing; in one of the official extended/director's editions of AoD the Theatrical "Good? Bad? I'm the one with the gun." is replaced by "I'm not that good."
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