Survivor: We're a Hot Mess
October 16, 2014 9:31 AM - Season 29, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Hubris, a thrown challenge, epic stupidity, that a tie dye neon rosary? What?

In which we finally learn the names of the Dipshit Twins just long enough to write one of them down.

AV Club review here.
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This episode was just so perfect and terrible. Drew got the loser edit from the get-go, and it was just so well deserved. What a complete moron. It's good that one of them is gone because I still can't tell those two brothers apart, despite them being on separate teams and getting a good amount of screen time this episode.

We got a hint of a merge coming in next week's episode, but it's still pretty early so I suspect it'll be a tribe shakeup.

Is it just me or is this season more grar gendered bullshit than others? Maybe they're editing things so they stick out more? We had the first episode where whatsherface kept calling Josh one of the girls (ugh), Rocker with his "I just lost to a girl" bullshit, and then last night's episode had Drew talking about all the manipulative bitches on his team. And at the reward challenge with football and pageant kid, someone taunted football that he was throwing like a girl. Um what, his girlfriend was right there, competing against him, completely holding her own, and throwing like a girl. I hope that I'm not imagining things and that the editing is building toward some huge y'all are a bunch of sexist fucks tell-off later in the season. That would make me soooo happy.
posted by phunniemee at 9:39 AM on October 16, 2014

Normally throwing a challenge is a bad move that weakens your tribe. With Blood vs. Water, it's actually a viable strategy if you thought your loved one was in danger and your tribe had dead weight. That said, Drew's move was 100% stupid. He thought he had a strong alliance when the guys had gotten lazy and snippy at each other. None of the men were even smart enough to join the womens' alliance and make sure they would stay safe after seeing their own side was so disorganized.

Throwing a challenge also makes the producer's job harder. I'm convinced that's why Drew got as terrible an edit as he did. Some players will have that moment of irony where they announce they are in charge only to be voted out that night. Drew had at least three of them. The moment they showed him casually calling the women "bitches" I knew he was gone for sure. Other contestants have used that language before, but there it was so completely unmotivated and the scene had no other purpose than riling up the audience so we could all cheer his departure.

Keith mocking the idea of sub-alliances was funny after watching this year's Big Brother season where two guys were in a sub-alliance of a 5-person alliance that was part of a larger 8-person alliance, all with names and hand signals. It's too bad for Jeremy who actually seems to know the game and wants to play, but watching him explicitly explain the unwritten rules to Keith was pretty funny.
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Drew played this worse than anyone I've seen in the last few seasons. He made every possible wrong move. It's kind of amazing how perfectly wrong he was.

The other dude had the good idea of voting out the players without loved ones left, but of those players the biggest threat is obviously Jeremy. I would have made a case for him, but also would have settled for either Julie or Natalie.
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None of the men were even smart enough to join the womens' alliance and make sure they would stay safe after seeing their own side was so disorganized.

It appears Jeremy may have, as he voted for Drew along with the women, but this appears to be yet another case where they withhold footage of his decision making process in order to increase suspense.
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You're right. For some reason I thought Jeremy was the vote against Keith since he brought up the idea of voting him out.
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