Timeless: The Kennedy Curse
April 15, 2018 8:22 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

When a mission goes awry, Wyatt and Rufus are forced to bring a 17-year-old John F. Kennedy with them to the present.
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My only grump was with that coin morphing. If physical objects are going to change then why not people? Yeah yeah time travel blah blah, but it just seemed unnecessary.

The Kennedy minimal change was pretty ambiguous, and keeps the "does time have inertia?" question alive without any real difficulty. After all, this was an event that was the result of someone seeking to kill someone at a pre-announced time and location where the whole world knew they were going to be; having the target shift the location and possibly even the date doesn't really address any of that. You don't need fate, you just need your shooter to know how to read a newspaper.

The Lucy/Wyatt thing is being handled about as well as it possibly can be, in my opinion, but it really doesn't interest me.
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I'm glad that Jessica is being shown as a smart, capable person on her own. That makes it easier to see why Wyatt was so devoted to her. Also it presents a real choice for him: Jessica or Lucy. I really wasn't in favour of the love triangle happening so quickly, but if it had to happen, this seems like a smart, mature way of handling it.

I wasn't looking forward to JFK, but I guess they handled it about as well as they could. Of course now he has knowledge of time travel and of time travellers looking to kill him, will he start working against Rittenhouse and pop up as a future ally? (I guess that depends on how long the show runs.)

Moira Queen Lucy's mother was wonderfully evil and also somehow caring. Nice acting job.
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Man I forgot how much of a Moira she can be. I missed her on Arrow.

Too bad JFK can't leave messages to the team like the prison thing. He could've been like "hey changing my plans and going to Austin, but if I still get killed, COME SAVE ME". I mean obviously they wouldn't, but it'd be a fun thing to see.
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