Lost in Space: Infestation
April 15, 2018 9:05 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Flashbacks reveal clues to Dr. Smith's past; The Robinsons contend with a new threat as the ship's fuel supply starts dropping - fast.
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Lamest sister betrayal ever, but Dr Smith certainly is a baddie. Hopefully will turn into a good baddie.
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What kind of spaceship full of civilians just leaves its unsecured airlocks lying around like that? Very irresponsible!
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I am trying to like this series, but this is three "meh"s in a row for me. I think it's in the editing more than the plot. The story is okay enough, but I don't really care about anyone. Except maybe Penny. She's funny.

I can't figure out how this robot seems to know only one English word and Will's name, but apparently can read Will's thoughts. Shouldn't we be able to have a conversation with this thing?
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Things that are important & of interest to the audience: Learning "Smith's" real background and seeing how psychotic she truly is.

Things that are, apparently, important & of interest to the director, writers, and showrunner: having the opportunity to make their own version of Alien/Deep Blue Sea only with giant pretty large eels.

Things that seem to be important & of interest to Toby Stephens: recognizing the inherent absurdity in wrestling said pretty large eels and hamming it up for all he's worth.

(Good for him, by the way.)

I mean, they didn't do a horrible job with the giant eel stuff, plenty of tension, but it's very much something we've all seen before a million times.
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I think this is one of those situations where yes, actual we have seen this a billion times, it's genretastic with the whole Terminator 2 sitch and all, but for some fresh faced Will out there in TV land this is blowing his goddamned mind. It's pretty great for a family show of Tweens up, I love that it's basically all women (the robot is being played as adult male through the Dads interctions with it) and I love that they are all big fat nerds. And Smith is terrrrrrrrible, I love her!
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I can't figure out how this robot seems to know only one English word and Will's name, but apparently can read Will's thoughts.

The robot, Dr. Smith, and Penny are the best parts of the series for me. As far as the robot goes, I am going with the idea that it is largely picking up non-verbals and other subtle cues to determine what's going on with Will (and the other humans) and is communication with them via the colours and such going on in the visual display; nobody has figured out how to read those yet.

Overall, yes, it's a tropefest, but these are tropes only for us old, jaded types. For some kids this is their first taste of this kind of space adventure, and as iteki says - lots of women, and everyone is being portrayed as smart and capable in their own ways. I'm liking the family dynamics at play; lots of subtle tensions and edges that Dr. Smith is learning to read and to try to exploit. Do I wish it was more? Yes. But it's aiming to be a family sf drama/adventure, and it's doing just fine for that. I've learned, over the years, that the SF I want - with the really big ideas, the stronger themes, etc, comes from books, not generally from TV/movies (although the Expanse is a solid adaptation of the novels).
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She said they were trillions of light years from earth! TRILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS. THAT IS BOTH ABSURD AND IMPOSSIBLE.

It's impossible by multiple orders of magnitude! So very impossible!
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