Black Lightning: Shadow of Death: The Book of War
April 17, 2018 7:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

I loved the season despite some pacing issues and other weirdness. Honestly, it's just hard to imagine them managing to air something like this, and my hat's off to the whole team.
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Yeah, I don’t feel like I have anything to say about the finale that I haven’t been saying all season — they have done a terrific job creating a believable family, and addressing racism forthrightly, and just overall depicting a world that feels grounded in reality in a way that few other superhero-genre shows do lately. They fumbled here and there on the pacing, or succumbing to ‘somebody has to carry the idiot ball this week’ plotting, but overall it’s been a great season, and I hope that next season will be even better. (Fingers crossed for no sophomore slump/Arrowverse interference.)
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i had no idea this was the finale until like 3/4 of the way when i realized they were doing character moments usually reserved for a finale (a gift and a curse of watching way too much tv)

i like the season overall. however it has the potential to either fall in line with the idiocy of Arrow and Flash in terms of plotting, but it also can overcome that, because there were not very many hints of that in this season.

the family drama and character development are really strong though, and the villains are also well rounded. those might be enough to hold the show together for several seasons.
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I love that this show doesn’t feel like it has to drag out the standard tropes. Jefferson insists he’s gonna go out and draw fire, even powerless? Doesn’t get us several minutes of overwrought arguing about it. Gets repowered up? Also not dwelled on forever. Ditto the embracing of using powers. Ditto the morally compromised character crossing the line and executing someone. And so on. Not that they ignore things, but that they give us credit for understanding what’s going on and they earn the trust that it’ll get further dealt with later.
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Strong first season!

Little suspicious Gambi killed MAGA guy so quickly, hopefully that doesn't kick off another whole distrust arc thing again.

What happened to Anissa's library friend? It's like she dropped off the face of the planet. I was hoping to see more of her.

I will probably start watching season 2, though my track record with these CW super hero shows isn't great. I find myself checking out after a season or two.
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Christine Adams (Lynn), Marvin Jones III (Tobias), China McClain (Jennifer), and Nafessa Williams (Anissa) will be guests at DragonCon next weekend, hope I can make it in to some of their panels. Apparently they had to drop out of another con because of season 2 shooting schedule conflicts, but were able to switch to DragonCon since they film in Atlanta. (I've been hoping that Cress Williams will be a last surprise guest announcement, but with so few days left before con, it's looking less likely.)
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