Supergirl: Schott Through the Heart
April 18, 2018 6:26 PM - Season 3, Episode 14 - Subscribe

After Winn's father passed away, his estranged mother, Mary, shows up, and they must reconcile why she abandoned him while a copycat Toyman attacks them. Mon-El must tell Kara of a recent discovery. Alex finds J'onn's father, M'yrnn, has something to hide.


- Like, Melissa Benoist should just constantly be singing in this show. Who's gonna tell her not to? Nobody, that's who. She's fucking supergirl shoehorn.
- wait is this the first time that Mon-El and Jimmy Olsen really talked? why is it so weird for me?
- by working on it, Mon-El means getting Kara back right? fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that.
- "Karaoke is not for the weak. It requires either great courage or a complete lack of shame. But I LIKE IT." truer words have never been spoken, M'yrnn.
- Oof, finding out your dad passed away on the news is never good.
- Ok, Winn's mom, ambushing your estranged son at the dad's funeral? WTF. I'm surprised Winn isn't completely crazy with parents like that in a comic book show.
- Wow, Winn being so meticulous in making sure it was actually his dad's body is impressive. I'm not used to tv show characters being that thorough.
- Mon-El, you can't "we need to talk" someone into a relationship. But ok, that was a mature and straightforward discussion leading to a bigger talk later, I'm... proud(??) of Mon-El.
- "friend", "buddy"... oops, harsh friendship language
- WHY is Winn's mom allowed to freely walk around DEO command??
- whoa Jeremy Jordan acting his heart out. that was good! being left at a police station by your mom is like the one of the worst things i can imagine, even at my age.
- Flying monkeys! Shoehorn beating them with an antenna was pretty cool. She went all Sun Wukong on them!
- Good discussion about race, show! Choosing to live as black men in America was a bold choice for the J'onzzes.
- So Olsen is everyone's therapist this episode? Oookay. Sure. I actually don't mind it. (Did we know his dad died? And that he had a sister?)
- Winn does have a good point that she could've gone to the authorities after Toyman threatened to kill her son. Albeit she could been afraid that might still bring him harm. And Olsen also has a point that it's never too late to try and reconnect with family while they're still around.
- Lolz at flying monkeys being only a 2 on Kara's pain in the ass scale
- Um damn. I figured M'yrnn was having dementia, but wow that was a strong scene, even the outburst.
- Winn's mom telling the nameless lab techs to unionize is priceless.
- Of course she's also a tech genius and know more about her husband's machines than Winn.... of course.
- I often wonder sometimes about my memories from when I was younger, and the perspective I had, and if I was just completely wrong about what's happening in the situation. Winn's face when his mom told him the truth about going to the domestic-abuse shelter was just right.
- Ok, I am now also concerned about Lena. Go look for her James!
- Amateur wiring! That's always a good insult! But oof, I guess Mary knows more than she lets on. (Where have we seen the WWW on top of each other before?)
- Just another case of a character going off half-cocked for plot reasons when she should've actually just get someone who can really help!
- Why is the camera suddenly all shaky? That was jarring.
- Clearly EVERYONE know where the DEO is and can send a transmission straight to their command.
- Oh yay sudden apprentice of dead bad guy!
- So I know we don't care much for The Guardian around here, but if he were going to help, why isn't James wearing his armor? (Oh ok he brought the shield)
- Also, why isn't Alex in on this?
- Wait Kara isn't strong enough to break out of plastic mold and her heat vision can't melt it? WTF? And use your super speed when you see the bad guy dashing by! That's a thing you can do! Are we watching The Flash right now?
- That CG dinosaur fight was trash. You're telling me Mon-El can't straight up just fly/jump up and punch right through that thing? And using a magic cloth? Wut? And why is Shoehorn just standing around watching?
- Ha! "He didn't teach you his showmanship!"
- Ok, Winn using the flying monkey as his secret weapon is pretty great.
- Mary, why did you run back and get a super heavy claw thing to knock her out when the gun is right there?
- Mon-El should really not karaoke. But Carry On Wayward Son is a good thematic song to wrap the show with. The apology was also bad.
- More straightforward adult conversation! Although I feel like Winn and Mary wrapped up their mother-son thing too easily. But hey, a winn's a winn! (sorrynotsorry)
- Yes, you tell 'im Kara!
- Oh, real shit that Mon-El need to tell her... carry on.
- Ok I was worried we'd have to wait for another episode before M'yrnn told J'onn about his dementia, that's good that they took care of it now.
- Wait, why would the Legion want to hide that Pestilence will become Blight? Also, why not tell Mon-El that as soon as they got there. I can see that it's a case of asking for forgiveness rather than permission, and he'd understand why they were worried he wouldn't want to come back to that time, as his now-matured self would be. At least the secret's out I guess?
- Laurie Metcalf karaokeing!
- J'onn's face! Alex's face! That hug! Ugh this show can do emotions so well.
- So Lena clearly knows Sam is Reign.. or something.

Kind of an uneven episode, but I appreciated that the emotional stuff was well done. The A plot with the flying monkeys and the apprentice was just crap. But the mother-son / father-son parallel and parental secrets exposed and such were done very well.

Trivia: When Winn's mom shows up and looks for who is bringing the Toyman's devices back, she gets trapped in a toy pick up claw, she yells out "Buffalo Bill what do you have in mind?" Buffalo Bill was the name of the serial killer in "Silence of the Lambs"(1991) who captured females and skinned them. Brooke Smith who plays Jacqueline Nimball played one of those victims. Note that Jacqueline's name was never spoken in the episode but is in the credits. She is based on Jack Nimball from the comics.
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It is completely unacceptable to tease Jeremy Jordan singing and then yank the carpet out from under us. Twice.

Un. Acceptable.
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I'd be perfectly content to see this show split off into two shows:

1) All Singing All Dancing Shoehorn (literally only singing and dancing)
2) M'yrnn & J'onn (mostly a drama, but with running gags about M'yrnn's love of coffee and kinds of pie)

Mon-El does not get a job on either show. But everyone else hops around between both shows frequently.
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Glad to have this show back!

But, I have to ask, what happened to all those missiles Supergirl dodged when she was chasing the giant monkey? Did they land harmlessly or was there a lot of collateral damage to National City?
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Karaoke is the best and I love this recap too.

I was enjoying the dad until he turned out to have Martian Alzheimer's. I do not want to watch that.

I'm not really a fan of Laurie Metcalf but the whole "we were trying to get to a shelter, not Disneyland" thing, wow.

On a scale of 1 to 10, flying monkeys are a 2. Hah.

I'm not sure what to make of the "we choose to live as black men" bit, or how the rest of the world will react to it. (More worried about that last one.) Interesting choice though.
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Did they land harmlessly or was there a lot of collateral damage to National City?

come on now, everyone who lives in a hero-city knows to get hero action insurance. thankfully the regulations are nowhere near as out of touch as flood insurance.
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I think you answered that one a few lines above, when you called her a tech genius.
They simply didn't show her picking the locks and disarming the security.

It is completely unacceptable to tease Jeremy Jordan singing and then yank the carpet out from under us. Twice.
Not just unacceptable, but downright cruel.
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Does Brooke Smith get to be in stuff anymore without a Silence gag? When she was in Gray’s Anatomy she interrupted a conversation between two characters where one was telling the other to dial back her drunken sexual escapades before she found herself being ordered to put the lotion in the basket.
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I think you answered that one a few lines above, when you called her a tech genius.

I think I meant that no one is guarding the armory. Like, if it takes her time to hack that lock, at least someone should've seen her and be like "wtf are you doing?"

Does Brooke Smith get to be in stuff anymore without a Silence gag?

Talk about type casting!
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